There's No Antidote for a Good Anecdote!

One of the speakers in our Sabbath Bible study group, who presented a message during the Days of Unleavened Bread, is an elementary school teacher by profession. As a teacher, he is accustomed to standing up in front of a room lecturing, and it didn't bother him that some of the "little ones" in the group were a little boisterous at times. Following the main message, our speaker was fielding questions from the audience. During one of his answers, he made a point, paused, said "But ..." paused again, and finished his thought. Immediately his own little two year old son came toddling up to the front and said, "Daddy, don't say 'butt'!" Daddy leaned down to his son and said, in all seriousness, "What? 'Don't say "butt"'? Oh! Well, I was using 'but' as a conjunction, not as an anatomical part." The little boy said, "Oh, okay," and wandered off happily.