5 gallon stainless steel pot
3 gallon stainless steel pot, with lid
Stainless steel fine mesh double strainer
Stainless steel funnel
Stainless steel spatula
12 or more 16 oz. amber glass bottles with airtight caps (not childproof caps)
(Bottles must be amber colored.)
2 gallons sodium-free distilled water
Measuring cup
Kitchen scale with ounce measurements

6-1/2 cups burdock root (cut) (Arctium Lappa)
16 oz. sheep sorrel herb, powdered (stems, leaves, seeds) (Rumex Acetosella)
1 oz. rhubarb root, powdered (Rheum Palmatum)
4 oz. slippery elm bark, powdered

You can purchase the herbs from Dr. Glum. All herbs are medicinal grade; all Sheep Sorrel is wild harvested by Dr. Glum. Phone No.: 310-271-9931

1.     Mix Essiac formula thoroughly. Store in an air-tight container, and set it aside.
2.     Bring sodium-free distilled water to a rolling boll in 5-gallon pot with lid on. (Approximately 30 minutes at sea level.)
3.     Stir in 1 cup of Essiac formula. Replace lid and continue boiling for 10 minutes.
4.     Turn off stove. Scrape down sides of pot with spatula and stir mixture thoroughly. Replace lid.
5.     Allow pot to remain closed for 12 hours; then turn stove to full heat for 20 minutes. (Do not boil.)
6.     Turn off stove. Strain liquid into the 3-gallon pot. Then clean the 5-gallon pot and strainer. Strain the filtered liquid back into the 5-gallon pot.
7.     Use the funnel to pour hot liquid into bottles immediately, taking care to tighten caps. Allow bottles to cool; then tighten caps again.
8.     Refrigerate. Essiac contains no preservative agents. If mold should develop in bottle, discard immediately.

CAUTION: All bottles and caps must be sterilized after use if you plan to re-use them for Essiac. Bottle caps must be washed and rinsed thoroughly, and may be cleaned with a 3% solution of food grade hydrogen peroxide in water. To make a 3% solution, mix 1 oz. 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide with 11 oz. of sodium-free distilled water. (Let bottles soak for 5 minutes, then rinse and dry. Heat bottles at 225 degrees for 1 hour in the oven. Bottles must be dry. Boil caps or corks to sterilize.)

Heat 4 tablespoons (2 oz.) sodium-free distilled water in a stainless steel pot. Add 4 tablespoons of Essiac (shake the bottle first). Mix and drink.
Take at bedtime on an empty stomach, at least 2 hours after eating, and again in the morning, at least ten minutes before eating.
(1 recipe lasts me 6 weeks. I take 2 oz. twice a day.)

Questions regarding recipe and dosage should be directed to the original author:

Dr. Gary L. Glum
Silent Walker Publishing
P.O. Box 92856
Los Angeles, California 90009
Phone: 310-271-9931

Note:  I recently came across a web site which casts serious doubt about Gary Glum and his article reproduced on this web site as "Interview About Rene Caisse."  For information which amounts to a rebuttal of this article, please click here.  However, it should be noted that we have used the formula reproduced above, mixing the ingredients at home, and have not had any ill effects from it.  We have also been certified cancer-free during the years we have used it.  It has been some time since we last made the formula and used it, but to date we have not been diagnosed as having any tumors.  We intend to resume using this formula; however, as people with good intentions often do, we haven't as yet gotten around to doing it.  But we talk about doing it!


Here are some interesting instructions for home brewing your own Essiac, taken from the web page, Before Purchasing Any Essiac Product:

It is very important to use a high grade fresh, properly manufactured essiac product. As with any product, if essiac is not manufactured correctly, or if the herbs used are old, the essiac blend will not be of any benefit. 

Essiac must be made in small quantities with the freshest possible ingredients. It should not be made in large vats in massive quantities. Essiac must be brewed in small batches.

Essiac can not be taken in pill or capsule form.  It is disgraceful that manufacturers are trying to sell essiac in pill or capsule form.  Essiac MUST be brewed correctly.

Essiac can not be made from tea bags!

The Herbs should not be older than 1 year old.

Medicinal herbs should never be stored in the same package or containers.


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