From the Editor ...

Following The Way

Christ said "I am the way, the truth, and the life" (John 14:6). He was referring to Himself as (1) the one true Way of life, (2) the truth that sets us free, and (3) the Eternal life that only God can give us.

Only Christís Way of life will work. Every other way of life has been tried, and every one of them has brought its followers down to the dust, sooner or later.

Only the truth of Christ is true. Many other beliefs, doctrines, governmental systems, economic theories, philosophies, and half-baked ideas have been labeled as "true" by those who would like everyone to follow them, but only the "real truth" (the objective truth) that comes from God will truly set us free.

Itís only the life that God gives us through His Holy Spirit, which comes through Christ, which can save us from eternal death.

Christ said, "I am" all three of those things -- not that He represented the Father in these things, or that He hoped His followers would adopt these concepts, or even that these were three pretty good ideas. He identified so strongly with these realities that He was telling us that in order to follow Him we would need to accept these truths, and to accept these truths we would need to follow Him. As a result, both He and the Father would dwell in us, and They will bring these attributes with Them.

The great "I Am," who created the universe and everything in it, IS the Way, IS the truth, and IS the life. (For a discussion of how Christ is the embodiment of the truth, please see our article, "Speaking the Truth or Keeping Silent -- Which?")

Now that weíve been thinking along these lines, letís quickly compare what weíve just read against your own church experience, or your own personal Christian life. After reflecting on a comparison like that, chances are you feel as if you could do better. Chances are, we all could do better! Thatís the point! Let the Word, the Way, the Truth, and the Life do their work in you and through you. Thatís the Work of God (John 6:29)!