God Still Heals!

Jeff Henderson

Jim Ingle, a minister from Eldon, Missouri, shared with us his personal story of Godís great healing power.

Shortly before the Feast, Jim started to feel very ill. X-rays revealed he had a rare yet fatal lung cancer that his doctor said was spreading fast. He was told to get his affairs in order. He was anointed while in the hospital and again on the Feast of Trumpets.

Because of his condition, friends advised him not to attempt to go to the Feast this year [1996]. He would have none of it, preferring to spend his last days with those he wanted to be with the most -- Godís people. Again he was anointed while at the Feast.

Before the Last Great Day, Jimís health dramatically improved and he knew the Eternal had completely healed him. Returning home he asked the doctor for another x-ray. His request was begrudgingly accepted. When nothing unusual turned up his doctor scheduled a CAT scan [Computed Axial Tomography -- ed.] the same hour. Again when nothing was found the doctor said something was wrong and had another CAT scan ordered. According to Jim, his physician showed signs of being unhappy that he was healed. He just didnít get it!

For anyone who wants to see the evidence, Jim still has the before and after x-rays and CAT scans. And then there is Jim -- living proof that God loves and heals his children today!

Oh, by the way, Jim had a very bad case of arthritis for several years. It was so bad that he could not even make a fist. God healed him of that at the same time -- as an extra gift of love -- no extra charge!

* * * * *

Reprinted from "Church News," a monthly newsletter of the Believers in Christ Church of God, Redwood City, California;  Jeff Henderson, Pastor.