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Translations / Versions / Bible Software

Comparing Translations & Introduction to Textual Criticism
Divisions of Hebrew and Christian Bibles
English Translations from 1536 to 1791
Historical English Bibles (Photos)
Meaning of Bible Names
Meaning Of Book Titles
Pronunciation Guide of Biblical Words (includes .wav file)
Story of the English Bible
Quick Guide To Bible Versions
American Standard Version
New American Standard Version
Aramaic Bible (translated in English)
Audio Bible
Blue Letter
Darby (BDB)
Darren's Guide to Translations
Geneva (1599)
God's Word (PDF)

Greek New Testament

Fisher with Grammatical Analysis - NA26
e-Sword - Free Bible Software with downloadable GNT modules
Fisher with Grammatical Analysis - NA26
Haggett - NA27/UBS4
Notes on the Greek New Testament
Online Bible Project
Westcott-Hort (1881) / Nestle-Aland NA26/27
Green's Literal Translation
Harmony of the Gospels
Hebraic Roots Version (Messianic New Testament)
Hebrew Names Version of the World English Bible
Interlinear Bible (Bible Study Tools)
Interlinear Bible (Olive Tree)

King James

Audio Bible
Chapters of Each Book
Dictionary of King James English
Glossary of XVIIth Century Biblical English Words & Expressions
King James (Gospelcom)
King James (University of Michigan)
King James Bible (University of Virginia)
Modern King James
New King James
Side By Side: KJV/RSV
Updated KJV (UKJV)
Words not recognized by spell checkers

Latin (Gospelcom)
Latin Vulgate
Linked Word Bible (most words are linked to original language definitions)
Martin Luther's German Bible
Modern King James
Multiple Research Search (GotJesus.Org)
Naves Topical
NET Bible
New American Bible
New American Standard Version, American Standard Version
New International Version
New King James
New Media
New Revised Standard Version
New Translations from the Greek - (Palmer)
Online Translations

Palm Pilot Bibles

In The Beginning
Pilot Me

Parallel - Four Gospels
Phillips New Testament in Modern English
Polyglot (The Gospel of St. Luke)
Revised Standard Version (Gospelcom)
Revised Standard Version (UV)


Bible Research Systems
Bibleware Distributors
Gramcord Institute
Kirkbride Bible Technologies
Navsoft - Lesson Maker, WordSearch
Parsons Technology - Quick Verse Computer Bible
Logos Research Systems - PC Computer Bible
Theophilos (Free)
Word Microsystems

Unbound Bible (39 versions in several languages)
World Wide Study Bible (various translations)
Young's Literal Translation (BYN)
Young's Literal Translation (Gospelcom)

Biblical Reference
Apocrypha (non-canonical)

Old Testament: Apocrypha
Old Testament: Pseudepigrapha
New Testament: Acts
New Testament: Gospels
New Testament: Writings
Alphabetic Greek Numerals


Calvin, John
Jamieson, Fausset, Brown
Matthew Henry (Complete),(Concise)
Darby, John
Deffinbaugh, Robert
Gill, John
Peoples New Testament
Spurgeon, Charles
Stedman, Ray
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
Wesley's Explanatory Notes
Word Pictures by A.T. Robertson


Naves Topical Bible
Strong's Exhaustive
Torrey's Topical Textbook
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge/


Antiquities of Greek and Roman
Hitchcock's Bible Names
Van Impe’s Dictionary of Prophecy Terms
Vine's Expository of New Testament Words
Vine's New Testament Word Search


Catholic Encyclopedia (New Advent)
Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia
Ecole Initiative
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Ken Collins


Ancient Greek World
Bible Maps
Blueletter Bible Maps and Images
Dionysius (124 AD)


Alexandria Delta
Thebean Mapping Project
Giza Plateau

Ephesus: The Classical Roman City
Greece: Eastern
High Profile Map of Palestine


Cook (1924)
Geodesic View
Jerusalem Mosaic, The
Modern City
Old City (Temple Area)
Special Maps and Views

Jordan (Modern)
Maccabean Period
Maps of Europe: 100-1300 A.D.
New Testament Maps
Parthia (Interactive)
Strabo's World (18 AD)
U.N. Partition Plan (1947)
Walking In Their Sandals

Lexicon - Greek
Lexicon - Hebrew
Outline Bible Resources
Synopsis to the Books of the Bible - Darby
U.S. Catholic Documentary Heritage Archives
Vine's Expository of New Testament Words
Vine's New Testament Word Search
Scriptural Index

New Testament Greek
Alphabetic Numerals
Analytical Greek New Testament
Aorist Participle


Elementary Greek
Learning Common Greek (Beetham)
Learn Greek over the Internet (Brown)
Learning New Testament Greek (Robie)
Learning New Testament Greek (Keating)
New Testament Greek Web Resources
Quick Course In Greek (Blackwell)
Differences Between Classical and Hellenistic Greek


Basic Grammar of Koine Greek
Grammar and Syntax
Grammar On The Web
Modern Greek Grammar
Greek Language and Linguistics
Greek New Testament (Critical Edition List)
Greek New Testament (Fisher)
Greek New Testament (W/H-NA)
Greek New Testament (UBS)
Greek New Testament (OGB)
Greek -n- Stuff
Interlinear Bible (Bible Study Tools)
Interlinear Bible (Olive Tree)


Overview of Greek Syntax
Perseus: English-Greek Lookup
Structure: Loose and Periodic Style
Smith Greek Grammar
Windows 3.x Greek Resources
Wordbase Greek

Qumram Texts -- Dead Sea Scrolls
Outline of Qumram Related Topics
The Qumram Community
Library of Congress - Artifacts from Qumram
New Testament in Cave 7?
Scrolls from the Dead Sea
Shrine of the Book

Synoptic Problems
Carlson Overview
Chronology: Ancient to Modern
Doublets in Luke
Doublets in Mark
Doublets in Matthew
Farmer's Argument For Matthean Priority
Fatigue in the Synoptics
Gospel of Thomas

Harmonies of the Gospels

A Four-Part Harmony
Chronological Harmony By Topic
Five Gospels Parallels
Harmony Software
Life Of Christ
Passion Week
Peoples New Testament
Tatian's Diatessaron
Yeshua The Remembrance

Q Document
(Theory without a manuscript - Uncited by early church leaders - Unmentioned by early church councils)

10 Reasons to question the 'Q Document'
An overview of Q, Matthew, and Luke
Canonical Status of Q
Gospel According to Q, The
Hypothetical Gospel, The
Mark without Q
Strange Case of the Secret Gospel According to Mark
Testing Temptation: The Meaning of Q 11:4b

Quest of the Historical Jesus
Synoptic Gospels Primer, A
Synoptic Problem, The
Two Notebook Hypothesis
Two Source Hypothesis

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