Child Rearing Resources

Dr. James Dobson, of Focus on the Family, has written a number of excellent books on raising children, such as The New Dare to Discipline, The Strong-Willed Child, Children at Risk, and Every Child Can Succeed.  These books, and many others, are available by clicking on the link box below.

We have also come across a wonderful little book entitled To Train Up a Child, written by Michael and Debi Pearl, members of The Church at Cane Creek in Pleasantville, Tennessee.  We found this little book to be filled with wisdom and good advice on how to bring up well-mannered and obedient children.  Please visit their web site by clicking here.

Help for troubled teens

We'll keep looking for good child rearing materials and bring them to your attention on this page.  If you know of any resources you'd like to share with others who visit this web site, please let us know.