Jesus, Man of Promise

Rick Willer

He came for me,
just me,
when I withdrew far away.

He brought me home,
not left alone.
He kept his promise to me.

Just one in a hundred,
who strayed away,
who fled most angry.

He's a man of his word,
and true He'll be.
He's still saving me.

He's worthy of all that will be,
caring not to lose a single one.

I'll praise His name,
because He became
my Savior and Lord.

He's my friend
through thick and thin,
and I feel so small.

He was there
to help me share
the pain of dropping the ball.

He promises great things,
and that's just fine,
yes I'll come and drink the new wine.

He's true to His name,
and worthy of the fame,
when He kept His promise.

Being patient with this Thomas,
doubting it all,
He asked me to touch him.

Being forgiving with this Peter,
denying I knew Him,
He asked me to be strong when I returned.

Being a Savior of this child,
always wanting more,
never feeling good enough.

He just asked me to be His friend,
To trust Him and accept His peace.

And being Jesus,
a man of promise,
He never quit saving me.