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3 Promotional Products That People Won’t Ignore


Giving away promotional products are among the most effective ways to promote a business. Who doesn’t want freebies, right? But, even if that’s the case, not everyone would want an item they won’t be able to use and will just add clutter to their homes. When nobody wants your promotional products, you just end up wasting money on producing them.

A promotional product must serve its purpose, both to your business and to your customers. It must be something that people would want to keep, so decide which items are the most useful right now.

Here are some examples:


People are likely to keep items that they can wear. After all, clothing is one of our basic needs. All you need is to come up with a good design — something minimal and isn’t embarrassing to wear — and find a business that can do T-shirt screen printing or embroidery in bulk. It would be helpful if they can print on other products as well, such as tote bags, jackets, caps, umbrellas, and activewear, so you don’t have to find a separate supplier. This also makes sure of the finished product’s consistency.

T-shirts don’t go waste quickly because if ever the size doesn’t fit or the recipient has outgrown them, it can still be passed on or donated as long as it’s still in good condition. Now that’s an assurance that your products will be promoted for a long time.


We have come to a point where we can’t live without our gadgets, particularly our smartphones and tablets. We use them to surf the internet, play games, take photos and videos, and contact our loved ones. There are also productivity apps that help us complete our tasks and stay organized.

When going outside, there’s the worry that our device’s battery might drain faster and we won’t be able to use it when we most need its functionalities. A powerbank is a great promotional product idea because people will become dependent on it. They will always bring it with them wherever they go, and they may even let their friends borrow it.

USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

Ever since we graduated from using floppy disks, the possibilities have become endless for data storage. Flash drives became an important technology in many people’s lives, particularly for students and the workforce. They no longer have to bring their bulky laptops (along with their already heavy books) to school or burn business data into multiple CDs, which could get lost.

A flash drive’s capacity can go from 64mb to 2tb, and you don’t have to stick to the usual rectangular casing. You can get as creative as you want, like using a silicon case in the shape of your logo or a business card that comes with a USB.

While the goal is to promote your business, you shouldn’t forget about the people who would end up using your promotional products. Know what your target audience would prefer to receive, so you’re sure that whatever you produce won’t be collecting dust in their homes.

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