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How to be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown


You do not have to leave your hometown to see new places and have new experiences. You can become a tourist and learn more about the place you were born. Here are some things that you should do to discover the wonders of your hometown:

Eat at all the Local Restaurants

Go on your own food tour of your hometown. While you probably already have a few lunch places you prefer, it still is good to discover new restaurants that you have not tried before or rediscover old favorites.

Food is a great way to know a city and brings people together. If you want to know more about your hometown, go around and enrich your taste buds.

Take a Guided Tour of Historic Sites

You see the tourist destinations across your hometown every day, but do you really know the events that took place in these sites?

A guided tour will teach you important events in the past that shaped the way that you live. You will know about your ancestors and what they fought to give you the life you have right now. It is more fun to see these sites with your own eyes while hearing the story instead of just reading about them from history books or seeing them through documentaries.

Visit every building, church, statue, museum, exhibits, ruins as much as you can. Familiarize yourself with the story of your people so that when you do go abroad, you can share the history of your town to others and, maybe, they will be enticed to go on a trip, too.

Climb the Highest Peak

After walking and getting to know every street and every corner, get a new look at your hometown but, this time, from above. Figure out which building is the highest and see if they allow visitors to get to the rooftop. Maybe a hotel has a bar on its highest floor. Perhaps, you can climb the peak of a nearby mountain.

These places will give you a panoramic look at your hometown from the top, a view that you do not see every day. Go there during the day to watch the sunrise to see details that you have not noticed before and then at night to watch the entire town light up.

Book a Room

The places that most locals do not get to experience are hotels and bed and breakfasts. Because your house is nearby, there is no need to pay for lodging. However, it is still a good experience to have. It would make you feel like a true explorer in your own city. Plus, you do not have to change the sheets and make breakfast on your own.

Meet New People

People talking

Strike a conversation with a stranger. Having new friends can introduce you to new places you have never been to before. You may feel shy or intimidated to walk up and talk to someone you do not know, but do not worry; most people will be friendly. If they do not want to have a conversation, simply move on and talk to someone else.

Some of the best places to meet new people are in coffee shops where people feel very relaxed. You can also go to a bookshop or a movie theater to find people with the same interests. Or, you can strike a conversation with tourists visiting your hometown and get a fresh perspective of the place where you have been born.

Becoming a tourist in your hometown can revitalize the love you have for it. You get to hear stories and details that you may not find anywhere else.

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