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5 Sneaky Ways That Will Help You Become Healthier Without Trying


To become healthy, you need to make major lifestyle changes. You need to incorporate a healthy and balanced diet as well as regular exercise into your routine.

However, for some, it might be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They might have an illness that prevents them from doing high-impact exercises, or they do not have time due to other obligations.

Whatever your reason may be, there are still ways that you can create habits that contribute to your general well-being. Here’s how you can be healthy with minimal efforts.

Find Every Opportunity to Move

Walking is a great exercise. It counts as an aerobic exercise, it burns calories, and, when you walk outside, you get exposed to natural daylight. It is also not as high impact as running or jogging.

You do not have to dedicate an hour of your day solely to walk around your neighborhood. If you do not have the time, or walking for that long can be painful, find other ways to incorporate working in your current routine.

Do not be too quick to jump into your car. Walk to the laundromat if it is located only a few blocks away from your house. At the office, do not take the elevator. Climb the stairs. Even if you can only reach the third floor (out of ten or more), you still the opportunity to move your limbs and get your heart pumping.

Clean Your Home

cleaning the carpet

Tidying is also a physical activity. Bending down to pick up clutter on the floor, reaching up to remove cobwebs on the ceiling, carrying the pile of dirty clothes you left in the corner of your room puts the muscles all over your body to work.

You hit two birds with one stone by doing this. You will have a clean house and you get to exercise.

Use a Smaller Plate

Hunger and satiation are psychological. You can trick your brain that you have eaten enough food by simply using a smaller plate.

A smaller plate makes the portion look huge. When you see your plate full, you will feel satisfied when you are done eating. Although you have eaten less, your brain thinks that you have satiated your hunger.

There actually was a study that backs up this claim. In a paper published in 2005, researchers found that people who used large bowls ate 56% more calories than those who ate with smaller bowls.

Have a Glass of Water with Every Meal

Water is such an underrated gem. It does not just hydrate your body and quench your thirst, it will also help you maintain a healthy weight by preventing you from overeating.

Water makes you feel full faster. Moreover, it helps with your metabolism.

Do Not Shop with an Empty Stomach

When you are hungry, every food looks appetizing.

Make sure to eat a meal or have a snack before you enter the grocery store. It will stop you from buying more food. You are more likely to stick to your list rather than grab unnecessary items that may look delicious but will be either unhealthy or you would not eat at all.

Being healthy should not be too difficult. You only need to create habits that will encourage you to move more and eat less. If you want to be healthy, try these tricks. You would not feel like you are making major changes in your lifestyle, but you will eventually see its positive impact on your body and your life.

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