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The pandemic has shaped the employment world in the past two years. A lot of jobs were done remotely. Bosses and their subordinates only communicate online. But after all the Zoom meetings and virtual conferences, the time will come that you have to face the real world.

This can be said about job interviews. The recruitment process became a little lenient because of the pandemic. The situation has somehow affected the quality of manpower companies could employ. Because of this, employers are slowly going back to the usual hiring process. That’s why if you’re planning to look for a job, you need to prepare for an in-person interview.

You may have forgotten how to present yourself in a physical interview setting. We’ve listed some tips that you can apply for your first-ever in-person job interview.

Confidence is still the key

Nothing beats a confident person who can project themselves expertly. People who know how to give off confident vibes are the only ones who can pull this off. Exuding confidence has always been a strong trait that hiring managers notice. A study cited on business site Inc said that confident job seekers could outperform the quieter ones in a job interview. This could harm employers by making a mistake in hiring the most confident applicant in the room.

All this while ignoring the talented ones. Despite this flaw, you can always turn this around. You can do this by exuding confidence while being the best among other job seekers. Always make sure that you can give your best on projecting confidence. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Try to speak eloquently. Reduce nervousness by preparing for the interview day. Confidence is still a must, even if you know you can easily beat your opponents.

Emphasize your skills

Your experiences relative to the job you’re applying for will always matter. All those experiences you’ve accumulated over the years should always stay with you. You’re going to use all these as leverages when applying for a job. It will bring you more confidence if you know for yourself that you’re qualified for the position.

Everything you’ve learned from the charter school or colleges you’ve attended can be useful too. Your educational attainment is a factor that can affect your employment. But of course, it’s still better if you can also highlight your experiences with the work you’re applying for. Combining your skills and experiences can land you your dream job position.

Practice communicating in a physical setup

Virtual meetings have greatly affected how people communicate with each other at work. This has made people a little loose since the pressure isn’t really felt if you only speak with your boss on computer screens. Communicating effectively in person is something that you should regain. That’s important, especially if you’re going through your first ever in-person interview.

Several months of talking with your managers virtually may have affected your communication skills in a working setup. Practice in-person communication by doing interview mock-ups. Do it with a friend and assess your performance on the mock interview. Talk to people outside your friend circle. Revive your communication skills in a professional setup. This would greatly help you with your physical job interview.

Polish your fashion

The style will always matter, especially on a job interview setup. Your fashion sense can tell so much about your personality and how you present yourself to other people. You may have gotten used to wearing nice tops and only underpants during Zoom calls. Of course, you won’t land a job with that outfit in a physical job interview. Review attires that you can wear on your job interview.

Forbes article says that conservative clothing on interviews is always a plus point. The reason behind this is the applicant’s self-awareness on trying not to offend anyone with their outfits. Take out all those corporate clothing you used to wear in the office. It’s time for them to get out of the closet and be used again. Focus on what you’re going to wear for your next in-person job interview.

Learn about the company
applicant researching on the company she wants to enter

This one’s basic. The hiring manager always expects that you know at least some facts about the company you’re applying for. This time, you won’t have any computer screens in front of you where you can look up answers. You’re on your own here. Make sure to do a little research about the company and the job you’re trying to get. Don’t be an Andrea Sachs in front of a Miranda Priestly. Always be prepared.

You should be ready for your next in-person job interview. Follow the tips mentioned above and get that job you’re applying for.

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