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Beauty and Elegance: How You Can Become a Classy Woman


These days, it is all too common for women to be loud, dress up inappropriately, or curse someone out to cut into traffic. After all, this is the 21st century. We have gone a long way from women being undermined and repressed.

Though societal trends come and go, being a sophisticated and elegant woman never goes out of style. Being classy means embodying and personifying sophistication, grace, elegance, and etiquette. It is an overall way of being and not just dressing up nicely. Since formal class structures no longer exist in our modern world, that does not mean we completely do away with being classy women.

To be elegant and sophisticated, however, does not entail attempting to be someone you are not. To be elegant is to be more familiar with yourself than others. Learn what makes you, you. Contemplate what makes people love you. What are your best characteristics? Take time to nurture them.

Transforming yourself to this classy lady is not a walk in the park, though. To make it work, you really have to put effort into it. Thus, here are some pointers you can easily adopt in your everyday life.

How to Become a Classy and Sophisticated Woman

1. Be Not Just a Pretty Face

Looking your best physically plays a part in being an elegant and sophisticated lady. But there is more to a woman than what meets the eyes. Classy women are alluring and mysterious as they may have talents that they do not necessarily display. They would rather work in silence and let their achievements do the talking.

Any activity which nurtures the mind and the soul makes up for a classy woman. It can be any activity like learning a new language, advancing one’s career, starting a business, honing one’s culinary skills. It could be anything. Instead of spending the whole day on social media or watching Netflix or YouTube videos all day, a classy woman is cultured and appreciates learning and educating herself.

2. Have Kindness and Graciousness

Although it does not mean saying yes to every obligation handed down to you, a classy and elegant woman knows when to offer a helping hand for those who need it the most. It could be anything such as helping a friend in need, volunteering at an animal or homeless shelter, or helping an old neighbor who lives across the street pick up groceries.

Women of elegance and sophistication enjoy making the world a better place by helping others. Be the kind of woman who offers acts of kindness in silence and behind closed doors. There is no need for you to shout out through social media that you are doing charity. Otherwise, it would come across as something ingenuine.

woman picking a dress

3. Dress Up the Part

Perhaps we can all agree that style and fashion have only evolved for the worse over the years. These days, everyone has a very casual approach to dressing — talking about yoga pants for running errands, picking up kids from school, and even going to the office.

Indeed they are comfortable to wear anytime and all the time, but they should be reserved for gym and workout. Whether people like it or not, they get judged based on their physical appearance.

An elegant and sophisticated woman takes time to invest in staple items or capsule wardrobe to keep sharp, whatever the occasion may be. It does not mean, though, that you have to deck out in designer clothes.

When it comes to clothing, one should opt to look neat, clean, and tidy all the time. Hygiene should not be left out as well. Some tasteful jewelry pieces are also a great idea for a polished ensemble. Next time when you are downtown, try to check elegant pieces at the best jewelry store.

4. Be Eloquent

Nobody is perfect, and we all are guilty of shouting curse words once in a while. However, being conscious that you do it makes it easier for you to do away with such language. Remember, a classy woman is someone who is well-spoken. Mindfulness of your tone and intonation are also important in helping you come across as the sophisticated and elegant woman you are.

5. Practice Etiquette

Manners maketh man…and so does a woman! Though table manners and etiquette may seem boring and old school, being a sophisticated lady means dining with poise and elegance.

Furthermore, it can really ruin a nice classy meal with your friends if you cannot hold yourself with ladylike manners while dining. Or worse, if you are on a date. Thus, it pays to take time in re-learning proper table manners.

A Classy Woman Has Self-Respect

Sure, you can dress and deport yourself in a ladylike manner, but what truly makes a woman elegant and sophisticated is her sense of self-respect.

A classy woman knows her value and is not desperate to win anyone’s attention, be it with her peers or a lover. Rather than force relationships and friendships no longer working, a classy woman takes the high road and is not afraid to let go.

The same applies to career and work opportunities. They do not settle for a job that is no longer serving them better. They look for opportunities and find ways to excel in whatever career path they choose. A classy woman knows when to say no.

Being an elegant, sophisticated woman is not easy, but by continually working on yourself and heeding timeless, proven pieces of advice, you will become that sophisticated and classy you.

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