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Teenage Years: Achieving the Best Version of Yourself


Most people would probably agree that their teen years isn’t the best time of their lives for a lot of reasons. But for most teens, it’s simply is just one of the most uncomfortable phases of anyone’s life. Most of us have to deal with a lot of changes in our bodies: shifting hormones, growth spurts, acne, and a lot more.

It’s not surprising how many people consider this their most traumatizing years. But there’s nothing to be ashamed of! All of us go through it. There’s so much information out there on how to avoid looking like a train wreck in your teen years, but which one among them to follow? No need to fret! Let’s unravel and untangle the fact from the fiction. It’s time to shed light on what to do to look your best teen self.

Here are some important pieces of advice you can follow to avoid that awkward teen phase:

Getting Rid of Acne and Pimples

Let’s face it, having pimples or acne is a terrible experience. As much as it is unwanted, acne among teens is perfectly natural. Acne is caused by the hormonal changes occurring in your body during puberty. Because of these changes, the oil glands in our pores causes to produce more sebum.

Another factor to consider is your genetics. If your parents have acne in their teen years, you will most likely have it too. There’s nothing to worry about, once your hormones stabilize, your pimples will subside too.

What teens do is aggressively treat their acne through various questionable means, which is, more often than not, causes more irritation thus agitating your acne even more. When using skincare products, remember that less is more. Spreading more products on your face can lead to more irritation. Another important reminder is to avoid trying out new skincare fads, especially if they came from unverified sources.

It is also important to practice good hygiene. If your acne worsens, it is best to have it checked with your dermatologist. In taking care of your skin and preventing acne, doing less and consulting professionals will do more wonders!

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Bracing Yourself for a Better Smile

A smile is the best accessory anyone can wear. But not everyone is blessed with a nice set of pearly whites. Correcting your teeth is a painstaking ordeal and can last for about a couple of years perhaps even longer. Teens dread getting braces for the fear of being teased which is very traumatizing.

The good thing is there are now alternatives to your traditional metal braces. One of these is the so-called invisible braces or porcelain teeth veneers. Like the usual braces, these invisible braces will help you get that perfect smile, but this one is made from clear plastic or acrylic material.  Another advantage of these aligners is that they are removable, so it’s easier to brush or floss your teeth.

And just imagine being able to speak and eat normally without metal in your mouth. But before getting them, make sure to check with your dentist first. Achieving that perfect smile is now made easier, and less awkward!

Avoiding Body Odor

Just as important as the physical appearance is your smell. Like acne, body odor among teens is caused by the shifting hormones your body is undergoing. This is an important concern among teens but is not as talked about.

Why is it important? Studies have shown that teens sweat more than adults, especially in the armpit area. However, it is not actually the sweat that causes the unpleasant odor. When the bacteria in our skins or our clothes mix with sweat, it causes a foul smell.

The first necessary step to avoid this is to make sure to wash regularly, especially around the armpit area. Shower at least once a day. If you enjoy exercising and doing sports or any physical activities, it is best to shower more after. This must be done regularly in order to avoid the buildup of sweat that can mix with bacteria. Antibacterial soaps, antiperspirants, and deodorants can also be used to minimize or prevent the sweat produced by our bodies.

Teenage years can be painful. All these changes happening in our bodies doesn’t help at all. But always remember to be kind to yourself and know that these changes will not last forever. Just hang in there and stick to the best practices in treating these changes. Stay optimistic and take care of yourself. You’ll be able to get past all of these challenges.

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