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Burnout Recovery: Effective Methods and Strategies to Address It


When you’re an adult, there’s an unspoken obligation to work hard for a living and move forward in life. Otherwise, you’re treated as if you’re not worth it. But in your pursuit of work, you may find yourself overexerting and suffering from burnout. If that happens to you, take the time to recover with these strategies.

De-stress Yourself

Aside from taking better care of yourself, it also helps to do activities that will take out a lot of the stress that you feel. For example, you can engage in meditation, or get a massage. You can even try out IV therapy, which is available in Salt Lake City. Take the time to watch a movie you enjoy or read a book that you love. You can even laugh and play with your kids, if you have any. Do something other than work, and appreciate the good things that are around you.

Take a Break

You may want to simply take it easy from work, but that’s not going to help you recover, much less help you do it faster. Burnout is not like the usual tiredness that you feel, as it is your body becoming spent and running on fumes. Forcing yourself to work, even a bit, will only make it worse. Make a full stop for a few days, so your body will have time to heal and get back to its normal functions. Cancel any work-related commitments and take a leave if you must.

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Eat and Drink Well

As you recover, it’s important to give your body the nourishment it needs to repair itself and rebuild the parts damaged by your exhaustion. Eat healthy kinds of food, and avoid items such as coffee and sweets. But take note not to eat too much at any one time, and focus on letting your body gradually get used to taking in the nutrients little by little by eating often and in smaller portions. Water should also be taken often, as it will help get the wastes out of your body.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep

It’s easy to take sleep for granted when you’re still well enough to keep working on minimal amounts of it. But now that you’ve hit rock bottom, you need to take it more seriously. Sleep helps our body repair itself and also resets our brain so that it will be able to think better. When you feel sleepy, it’s your body telling you that it needs to rest, and you should give it. It’s better to sleep right and be able to do work well sooner than force yourself to keep active and recover later.

It may be tempting to try and get back to your normal amount of work as soon as you recover, but it’s better to take it easy and get a feel for your body’s condition first. It’s also wise to think about your workload and see if it’s sustainable or not. You may actually need to find ways to cut back on it so that you can go at it consistently.

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