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Wellness Maintained: How to Ensure the Wellness of Your Older Loved Ones


The need to take care of your own personal wellness is of prime importance, especially in the post-pandemic world. Over the past year, everyone has undoubtedly experienced immense amounts of stress and anxiety brought about by a lot of unfortunate circumstances. More than this, however, you also have to take into consideration the well-being of your loved ones.

As rewarding as it is to be able to guarantee your own wellness, being able to do the same for the people you love is just as worthwhile—perhaps, even more so. This is especially true for older adults, who were also faced with their own challenges through the course of the global pandemic. There are certain ways for you to achieve this, even if they might not be living with you at your home.

Wellness Away from Home

A lot of people had chosen to pull their elderly loved ones from nursing homes in order to ensure their health and safety. They opted to allow them to live at home, granted that they were among the most vulnerable groups against the virus. With the continued vaccination rollout programs all throughout the country, however, it’s more than likely that a return to normalcy is imminent. This also entails bringing your older loved ones back into assisted living.

It’s a good move, especially if you’re expecting to become a lot busier after the pandemic has passed. One of the primary reasons why people wanted to live with their older loved ones at home was because it was easier to care for them in light of the remote working arrangements.

If you still want to be able to look out for their well-being, even if they’re away from your home, you can simply instruct the professionals at the facility they are in to follow a routine. Here are a few tips you could provide them with to make sure your loved one is being cared for.

Off to a Good Start

Instruct the assisted living personnel to allow your older loved one to start their day the right way. This can include some stretching, yoga, or meditation. It would also be best if they have spaces dedicated to these kinds of activities. Allowing older adults to really tap into their mind-body connection can prove to have significant health benefits like improving their cognitive functioning.

You could also encourage the professionals at the facility to check in on your loved one from time to time, but especially when they’re having their breakfast. Better yet, you could also check in on your loved one yourself during this particular time. This will enable the older adult to effectively gauge their state of mind for the day while informing the personnel as well.

All the Right Moves

Finding the time to exercise regularly is vital for everybody, but more so for older adults. Taking care of their wellness doesn’t just necessarily cover their mental or emotional state, it should also include their physical health. It’s important for older adults to keep their bodies moving in order to improve their motor skills. This doesn’t have to be too extensive as well, just 15-20 minutes a day would be enough.

man with bike

If your loved one has some mobility limitations, there are plenty of other exercises they can do that isn’t as physically demanding. The National Council on Aging (NCOA), for instance, has a list of exercise programs that are aimed at promoting senior fitness. Included among this list of exercises is “bingocize” that integrates bingo, exercise, and health education.

A Sense of Community

It’s been observed that social isolation can lead to an increased risk of depression, development of cognitive problems, and other negative health issues. The best thing about letting older adults live in an assisted facility is that it allows them to find themselves within a community outside of their own family. This provides them with more chances to engage in social activities, which are proven to be beneficial.

Of course, you should also stay connected with your older loved one when you have the time to do so. If you’re unable to drop by during regular visiting hours, consider teaching them how to reach you through the use of technology like video conferencing platforms. While physical interactions are still the best, this will enable you and your loved one to stay in touch despite the circumstances.

Alive and Well

Now more than ever, everyone’s overall wellness should be maintained. It’s fairly easy to be on top of your personal well-being, but you should also be able to look out for your loved ones, especially older adults. Following these tips should allow you to effectively do so, regardless of whether you’re living under one roof or not.

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