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How to Prepare Kids For Their First Ski Trip


As a parent, you don’t want to go to a much-awaited ski trip with an unprepared child. Even if they show prowess for other types of sports, helping your child prepare for their first ski trip is crucial for their safety and enjoyment while on the slopes.

So, before you make the trip to the ski lodge, here are the best ways to prepare your child for their first time skiing:

1. Buy the right gear

Check out Blizzard Black Pearl items sale or your favorite sports store and find the gear appropriate for your child’s size. Buy skis that are just right for your child’s build, as well as clothes that fit them perfectly. Make sure they are decked out with complete gear (goggles, anti-moisture socks, jacket, snow pants, helmet, etc.) to keep them warm and protected on the slopes.

2. Book ski lessons

Unless you are a professional ski instructor, it’s much better to book lessons for your child so that they can get a good grasp of the skiing basics. A ski instructor will be able to teach your child how to ski and make it look fun instead of intimidating. At the same time, they will become more confident on a pair skis and be less scared when it’s time to go to the ski lodge.

3. Plan other activities

Skiing is a tiresome activity, and kids will likely want to do something else other than going up and down the slopes all day. Put other winter activities on your schedule, such as ziplining, ice skating, sledding, and tubing.

4. Start on easy terrain

Bit of a no-brainer, but some parents think that their children are skiing prodigies despite it being their first time on the slopes. Even if your child is a fast learner, start on the beginner terrains and work your way up from there. Doing this is will also help build their confidence and help them become more relaxed on their skis.

guy teaching kid how to ski

5. Pack food and snacks

Skiing is a strenuous activity, so make sure your child is fueled throughout the day. Pack ready-to-eat snacks such as granola bars, crackers, and trail mix in your bag. Don’t forget to bring hot cocoa and plenty of water as well.

6. Show them skiing videos

With the abundance of instructional videos on the Internet, children have lots of access to online skiing lessons. Before your ski trip, have them watch videos of skiing lessons for kids to help them prepare.

7. Engage in physical activity

If your child leads a bit of a sedentary lifestyle at home, they may have a hard time with the physical demands of skiing. So, before your ski trip, engage them in physical activity through play, walking, or sports. And since you have to follow them around on the slopes, it will also help if you exercise as well.

Lastly, help your child prepare for their first ski trip by setting the right expectations. Remind them that they may not be able to ski on the high slopes just yet, and there are other activities to be done on the lodge. But despite that, the primary goal of the trip is to have fun.

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