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The Health Benefits of Marriage and Long-term Relationships


The effort that it takes to maintain a long-term relationship is immeasurable. The common misconception that people think about when it comes to seeing couples in a long-term relationship is that everything is just free-flowing and easy. However, what people don’t see is the amount of time and dedication you need to make a relationship last that long. Yet, what people in healthy long-term relationships often fail to notice is that the massive payoff they get out of is in a nurturing and loving relationship for an extended period, particularly in their overall health.

Are you someone who’s come to this blog to figure out what benefits you’ve been receiving throughout all these years? Or maybe you’re a person who’s actively seeking the one. The latter is easier when you partner with matchmaking services, increasing your odds of finding the one. Either way, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some health benefits that come along with being in a loving, long-term relationship according to researches done by various medical research facilities (i.e., WebMD and Harvard Medical School).

You are bound to live longer as long as you’re happy in the relationship you are in

Let’s start with the most prominent health benefit and the one that people often take for granted. The feeling of waking up every day to someone also waiting to start their day with you gives you a different sense of meaning in life. Naturally, there are days when human beings feel like they’ve lost their place in this world because of situations that may arise. However, having a long-term partner helps you fill the void in those gloomy days. They remind you to pick yourself up, and they do everything in their ability to care for you.

Hence, regardless of what situation may arise, long-term relationships keep you afloat and help you see the positives in life. They remind you to take care of yourself so that you don’t get sick, or they remind you to rest after an all-nighter of working too hard. Medically, these actions lead to a decrease in stress levels, which reduces the risks associated with depression and neglect for one’s health. In a way, these gestures are called “the little things.” But in hindsight, it becomes not so little after all when you realize these actions make you happy.

They push you to become a better person, so you avoid bad habits

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The tendency of people in long-term relationships is that they tend to become more self-aware. Looking back at it, when you were an individual with no commitments, you were free to do anything you wanted with your body. You could drink gallons of alcohol every weekend and smoke all you want, and the only person that would suffer would be you. But when you’re a person who has found someone you consider to be your other hand, you immediately consider how badly it would affect them if ever something were to happen to you.

The reason you drink less at parties or how you push yourself to quit debilitating activities is that you know that your partner would suffer twice as much as you would if ever you were to be in a bad health situation. So don’t worry, it’s not because you’re a party-pooper; it’s just because you know that this time around there are more things to lose.

Being attached to someone for most of your time promotes a better understanding and maneuvering of social relationships

Having an intimate partner is probably the most social connection that you have. Now, cue sexy music. Sex doesn’t entail much of the weight loss benefits you wish to have in a complete workout. Still, it does promote the better functioning of other parts, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other diseases that can be associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Though ultimately minimal, it is one of the best ways for couples to release stress.
Also, being with someone for a long time makes you more aware of people other than yourself. It trains you to consider other people’s feelings, and it makes you more emotionally intelligent. Apart from reducing the risk of high blood pressure because having a partner helps you control your tantrums, you are now a person who better interacts with other people, making you socially better-off.

Long-term relationship, anyone?

All of these benefits require that you are in a healthy long-term relationship. Having a partner is not the end-all-be-all of gaining these health benefits. You are still two separate wholes. So, don’t find a long-term partner if you think you haven’t found yourself yet. Ultimately, your partner does not control you, but they do help in doing so. Find someone who complements, and at the same time supplements you, so that for as long as both of you are alive, you get the mutual benefits of being in a relationship.

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