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Pursuing a Career in the Beauty and Fashion Industry?


Now, we are staunch advocates of expressing yourself and looking your best through healthy beauty practices and sexy outfits, but have you ever considered transforming your love for beauty and fashion into a potential career in the industry? Sure, it might’ve crossed your mind at least once or twice, but have you ever given it some serious thought and considered it as a possible sustainable career choice?

Of course, much like any career, there will be challenges along the way, and rightfully so, not everyone’s going to reach the top quickly. However, we think that far too many people have swept their dreams of fashion and glamour under the rug without giving it a real chance to shine. So, today we’ll be taking a look at all the potential careers you might be interested in pursuing.

Passion and Practicality

You see, it all boils down to finding a balance between passion and practicality; you can’t favor one for the other because that will lead to an unfulfilling job that you’ll end up treating more like a chore and a burden instead of a career to advance. And, unless you’re okay with settling for that kind of lifestyle, we firmly believe that if you found your passion in beauty and fashion, then you should give it the opportunity to blossom into a career.

#1 Are You Creative With Your Hands?

We all get work done with our two hands, but some people are more talented and delicate than others, which makes them the perfect candidate for jobs and careers that require a unique touch. Plus, you can also improve your craft with experience and training, meaning that there’s a glass ceiling you can break with enough effort and time invested.

  • Fashion Designer: For those gifted with a touch for fashion, you will most likely enjoy a blossoming future as a fashion designer. Whether it’s coming up with designs that will walk the runway and inspire the latest trends or work exclusively for VIPs and celebrities with their outfits, there are limitless opportunities. Plus, people from all over the world will gather to watch your shows and exhibitions.
  • Photographer: Another excellent career choice for those gifted with skillful hands and an eye for beauty, we strongly recommend pursuing a career as a photographer. Yes, the gig economy and rise of freelance work has made the industry very competitive, but we think it’s also a great challenge to stand out. And, with enough effort invested, it’s not impossible to see yourself collaborating with famous fashion icons on their latest exhibits.
  • Art Director: If you’re more of the leader-archetype and personality, we think that pursuing a career as an art director might suit you best. From working with a team of designers on film sets to publishing firms, you will feel the thrill of supervising multiple people. Furthermore, the earning potential for an art director is very high, and it’s not impossible to see your name credited on the latest blockbuster movies.


#2 Care Deeply About Helping Others Look Their Best?

Sometimes inspiration is found in helping others and not always through expressing ourselves, and if you typically enjoy guiding other people in finding their real inner beauty, then there are multiple careers waiting for you. Yes, despite the proliferation of beauty tips, products, and outfit guides, some people still need that extra help to get what they want. Plus, in professional circumstances, VIP clients can’t be bothered with doing stuff themselves, so they rely on you!

  • Cosmetologist: From hairdressing, hair styling, and every other form of cosmetic procedure to bring out a person’s beauty, a cosmetologist is a beauty expert in multiple fields. Your love for beauty may simply start out as makeup, but going further can give you the chance to work with some of the most famous people! Plus, who wouldn’t enjoy making someone feel and look their best?
  • Dermatologist: If you’re more concerned with wellness, beauty care, and skincare, then you might want to proceed with a career as a dermatologist. You will treat multiple people with their skin problems and spread awareness on healthy practices that benefit our beauty. However, if you prefer operating, then you might want to consider becoming a cosmetic surgeon. Any experience and study on aesthetic medicine like fillers, rejuvenating skin, and thread training workshops will work to your advantage.

#3 How About Something in Business?

Lastly, if you’re more of the business type and are quite an innovative thinker, then all the more reason for you to build a business and create your company in the beauty & fashion industry. You could specialize in product development, become a marketing genius, or create a service that is to-die-for. And, honestly speaking, business, in general, loves people who know their way around what attracts people and understand the principles behind getting everybody’s attention. So, experiment away!

Take The Leap of Faith

In conclusion, we want to remind everyone that life shouldn’t be all work without fun. If you know deep in your heart that beauty & fashion resonates with you, then strongly consider the career opportunities available. Furthermore, the earlier, the better, because who knows what responsibilities and restrictions you’ll have in the future.

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