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Savvy Prenatal Preps for the Pregnant (and the Family)


First of all, congratulations on the baby! Raising a child is one of life’s biggest adventures, so we are excited about what is in store for you.

But before we go into the excitement of having a baby, we should first pay attention to you. The months of pregnancy are a crucial time to stay healthy both physically and mentally. This means you need not only a good diet and a safe and suitable exercise routine but also the proper preparations in time for the baby’s birth.

Not all moms-to-be know what to do in the months leading up to childbirth. Don’t worry — we have excellent tips to make sure you are ready when your baby comes.

Preparing Your Household for Your Baby

You are not the only one who needs to be ready for your baby. Your whole household should also know what to do in time for the baby’s arrival. It is for the safety of both you and the baby!

1. Familiarize yourselves with baby tools

You will be using many items you would not have used before having a baby, so you and everyone at home should understand baby gear early on.

Some of the most important are diapers, baby bottles, cribs, and strollers. These four are things that everyone in your household should know how to use whenever they are on baby duty.

Additionally, it would not hurt to already look for suitable baby toys for your baby. Start with educational toys that familiarize your babies with basic sounds, shapes, and colors. Find toys for when they get a little older, such as STEM toys for children and storybooks for early readers.

Knowing these ahead saves you a lot of headaches when your baby is already home.

2. Understand babyproofing measures you should take

Next, employ the help of your family to look around your house and single out spots that pose potential dangers for your baby. Your baby will not be able to stroll around on their own until they are around a year old, but do not wait for when you have to chase them around the house to take these precautions.

Some of the most common items in your home that babies will love to reach for are the power outlets and electrical cords. Outlet covers or installing tamper-proof outlets keep your child from trouble should they find their way towards them. Hide your electrical cords and cables by taping them to their proper spots or using covers.

There are many other areas at home to protect your baby from, so it helps to use a checklist to guarantee that you have covered all bases.


3. Have a game plan for when you give birth

You also must have a plan for the inevitable day when your water breaks. Everyone at home should have assignments for what they are supposed to do, such as who will drive you to the hospital, who will accompany you, and who will stay at home to man the house or take care of other kids.

It is also a smart practice to pack a hospital bag ahead that you will have to grab when it is time to rush to the hospital. This should always include your necessary paperwork, clothes for you and the baby, and personal care items, among other things.

Preparing Yourself for Your Baby

Staying in good physical shape is a given when you are pregnant. But you also need to take time to prepare yourself emotionally for your baby.

1. Have some me-time

There is no doubt that having a baby is life-changing. It transforms how you appreciate life and how you live it. It also gives you a lot less time for yourself.

Take a week, a weekend, or a day off from your responsibilities and spend time with yourself or your spouse or partner. You will not be getting many solo getaways in the future, so allow yourself this small break.

2. Accept your preggy body

Many are shy to acknowledge that their pre- or post-baby bodies make them feel insecure. But those feelings are valid. They are also usually a result of the unfair expectation that a woman’s body should look a certain way during or after pregnancy.

Don’t believe any of that. Remember that real life hardly looks like edited photos of celebrities online.

Your body experiences many changes when you are pregnant; remember that this is entirely normal. Those changes are simply reminders of what you and your baby have gone through together.

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