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Say Hello to Work-life Blending (Because Work-life Balance Ain’t Real)


They say find work-life balance and you’ll feel happier, healthier, and achieve greater success. But even with the popularity of the concept work-life balance, did you know that some people don’t believe such a thing exists?

When it comes to your work and personal life, there will always come a time when you need to do a trade-off. To make things work, one will need to prioritize one and sacrifice the other. Let’s say you are a parent, a homeowner, a pet owner, a spouse and you have a full-time job. That’s a lot of title for one person, and this is nowhere easy to pull off. Stop trying to figure out how to achieve work-life balance, try being realistic, and try “blending” instead.

What Is Work-life Blending?

An article published in Forbes talked about going for work-life blending. A survey mentioned that the respondents are craving a blend where they can fulfill their obligations while doing a great job at work. Work-life blending may be new to other’s ears. But it can be the answer to everyone’s prayers. Striving for “blending” is a lot more realistic than thinking you are not making compromises by looking for work-life balance. But how can one practice work-life blending?

Work-life Blending Strategies to Consider

If you are a working parent who also has kids, pets, a house, and a spouse to take care of, you can consider looking for other work arrangements that will fit your needs. You can check if your company offers a flexible working schedule and see if you qualify for this. If not, you can consider finding a remote job so you can work at home and have more time to spend with your loved ones. Others have other priorities, which means asking for help is one option to consider.

For instance, you can ask your loved ones to help with household chores. You can even ask them in keeping an eye over the kids when you’re busy. You can make compromises by compensating someone for their time and hard work so you can have time to rest, relax, or have fun. Let’s say your teen is due for a dental appointment and you found out they need new braces to fix their pearly whites. You can let them choose the brackets of their choice, even gold braces as a reward if they promise to always help their younger siblings or chores around the house.

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Did you know that working parents spend 48% more time commuting than playing with their kids? To make sure you and your family get enough bonding moments, dedicate one night each week for family night. You can enjoy a nice dinner, watch a movie together, or play family games. Use this time for your family only and avoid using your mobile phones or checking in your work email to give the family your undivided attention.

Don’t forget to save some precious “me” time as well as some alone time with your special someone. Self-care is important for your health and sanity. Your partner, on the other hand, also deserves your attention so make sure to make time when it is just about you two.

Because of one’s hectic schedule and bucket-loads full of responsibility, it can be unrealistic to achieve “balance.” The good news is, “blending” makes everything easier and less stressful. Everyone may have their own style, but know that work-life blending makes more sense than balancing work and life.

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