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Health Visits You Should Make When You Turn 40


As time goes by, we need to be more and more vigilant about how we take care of ourselves. Age does not necessarily have to come with aches, pains, and sickness if we are careful enough to not only live a healthy lifestyle but also be attentive when it comes to getting the right medical care. After all, each stage of life comes with its risks and new concerns.

Once you’ve hit your 40s, make sure you can enjoy the middle-aged part of your life and onwards by checking these medical visits off the list.

  • Dental Checkup

Make sure that you drop by a dental clinic and get your pearly whites checked, especially if you want to keep a full set as you grow older. A recent study has shown that Singaporeans see a higher rate of total tooth loss than other developed countries, with around one in three individuals aged 60 and up being completely toothless. That may still be a ways off, but now is the time to start practicing healthy dental habits that will prevent such a circumstance.

Aside from its visual effects, this inevitably affects your comfort levels in terms of speaking and eating, and often comes with other painful symptoms that make the journey to tooth loss even more painful. Simply getting your teeth checked and figuring out where your dental health is at can help you nip any problems in the bud and enact any necessary changes.

  • Cancer Screening

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For men, prostate cancer is the one to test for. As for women, breast cancer should be checked. There are various screening methods available thanks to modern medicine, and this can help you formulate your next steps to ensure that you stay healthy. Prostate cancer is one of the most common for Singaporean men (more than those in other Asian countries), and breast cancer is the most prevalent variation for women in the nation. That is why those two should be on the top of your radar for screening. It’s also best to know what you’re at risk for based on your lifestyle habits and genetic history.

  • Blood Workup

While a blood workup is a part of many other general checkups, you’ll want to do a dedicated test that is more thorough when you start hitting that middle-age because this is the time when underlying issues flare up. The consequences of lifestyle choices often come to the forefront. That can help you get a proper evaluation of your cholesterol levels, sugar, pressure, and a look at the function of your organs like your heart, liver, kidney, and others. On top of that, it’s one of the most helpful resources in figuring out if you have any risks for diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Whether you’ve spent your younger years as a fitness buff or a couch potato, it’s essential to take the time to get these medical visits done, not out of fear, but out of wisdom. You can adequately prepare yourself if you have the right knowledge about your body, and from there, you can figure out how best to equip yourself for happy and healthy days throughout your 40s and 50s.

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