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The Five Intangible Things You Can Take from an Adventure


Learning theories and concepts in school will never really sit well with us. People want to experience things and see what the professors talked about in school. When they were talking about East Asian culture, doesn’t it make you feel imprisoned in your own life? What is that big world out there is trying to tell you? Setting off to an adventure means opening yourself to the unknown. This thrill of the unknown will make you see the world like never before.

Whether it’s taking on a road trip across states or boat rental adventures or living in a different country for a year, it’s time for your life to take on a brand-new meaning. You’re going to come home a different (hopefully, better) person. Your yearning to see the world will never be satisfied, but you get to take home lessons that you would never learn in the four corners of your room or classroom or office.

Preparation Is Critical

Come to think of it, when you don’t prepare for your travel well, you end up going places you never thought of going. While that is generally okay when it comes to visiting tourist places, this is not the best way to go about when you’re going on a hike, road trip, or yachting. When it comes to these big adventures, if you don’t prepare well, you might as well find yourself stranded in the middle of the sea or on top of the mountain.

Preparation is critical in every aspect of your life. Getting married? Prepare yourself to be with someone for the rest of your life. Changing jobs? Make sure you’re ready to take on new responsibilities. Moving to a different place? Organize your things, put your house for rent, and check out your new place before moving.

Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder

Because life can get hard sometimes, people tend to lose their sense of wonder. They get desensitized. Nothing can faze them anymore. Don’t allow yourself to be numbed by what’s happening around you. There are going to be bad things always, but never let that take your sense of amazement and wonder. These will help you survive every bad thing that comes your way.

When your baby first smiles at you, doesn’t that make you feel like you can conquer the world? When you climbed on top of the mountain and saw the sprawling city below, doesn’t nature amaze you? Don’t lose these moments. Instead, take them with you whenever something bad happens. Remember these things when you feel like there’s no hope anymore.

Manage Your Finances Well

You can lead the YOLO (you only live once) lifestyle all you want, but don’t forget about your financial obligations. You’ll never be able to see much of the world if you don’t manage your finances well. Yes, adventures cost money, too. No matter how much you want to believe that the world is yours to see, be realistic.

Your home doesn’t pay its own rent. Your bills, mortgage, and insurance, too. Surely, you don’t want to be a burden to your family when you have to settle down and you haven’t saved a thing? So even though you’re living a life of adventure, make sure to be responsible with your finances, too.


Take It One Step at a Time

Whenever life gets you down, remember to take it one step at a time. Remember when you get lost in one of your travels? Don’t all people have one of those stories? It’s almost midnight and you can’t find your way back to the hotel. Take it one step at a time. Be still and focus on what’s happening. Take out your digital map, figure out where you are, and plan how to get to where you’re supposed to be.

It’s the same approach you should take in life. When there are seemingly insurmountable problems, take it one step at a time. Don’t rush into finding solutions.

You Choose What Happens to You

You are the captain of your ship. Have you heard that before? You are responsible for what happens in your life. Whether it’s good or bad, these are the results of the choices you made. You turned left when the map told you to turn right? Then, you find yourself in the middle of the road, one hour away from where you’re supposed to be. Whose fault is that? It’s certainly isn’t the map’s fault or your passenger.

Don’t ever blame anyone for what happens in your life. You have to learn how to say no and walk away from toxic situations. Otherwise, you’ll always be left blaming yourself and everyone else for things that you alone could’ve controlled.

There are so many things traveling can teach you. But always in these things, you have to welcome such lessons with open arms. You have to accept responsibilities, make tough decisions, and steer yourself in the right direction.

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