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There are a lot of potential triggers for sensitive skin while traveling, such as the sun, air pollution, dust, and hotel sheets, just to name a few. If you want to travel without your skin acting up, here are some essential skincare advice that you need to remember:

Bring your bath and skincare essentials

From your body wash to your retinol serum, make sure that you pack everything that your skin needs to stay healthy and moisturized. Take travel-sized versions to keep your luggage light, and don’t forget to review airport rules regarding beauty products.

Avoid samples and hotel toiletries

Resist the temptation to try airport lotion samples or hotel shampoo and body wash, even if they are complementary. These products might have ingredients that cause irritation, so it’s best not to risk it. If you don’t want the free samples to go to waste, take them with you and give it to someone else.


When traveling by plane and staying in places with hot, arid climates, frequent moisturizing is the best way to keep your skin hydrated. Always keep a bottle of your tried-and-tested moisturizer in your carry-on for easy access. When going out, it’s also a good idea to bring moisturizer in your bag.

If you’re going swimming, moisturize your skin before and after so that the chlorine or saltwater don’t dry it out.

Bring sun protection

A nasty sunburn can easily ruin your vacation, so don’t let it! Bring a water-resistant, environmentally-friendly sunscreen with at least SPF 35 for adequate protection against the sun’s rays. For your lips, bring a lip balm with SPF 30 or higher.

Pack your own pillowcase

If your skin is sensitive to detergent, bring your own pillowcase to the hotel. Better yet–bring your own blanket as well.

Wear light makeup

clear skin

If you want to wear makeup, only apply a thin layer to avoid dust and dirt from sticking to your face. When you get back to your hotel, remove your makeup immediately and wash your face.

Always wash your hands

When you’re traveling, you’re touching a lot of door handles, airport seats, and other things that have been touched by others’ hands. As much as possible, avoid touching your face while you’re on the go. Moreover, wash your hands frequently and bring a travel-pack sanitizer with you.

Remind spa staff of your skin sensitivities

Let the spa personnel know of your skin sensitivities and possible irritants when getting a massage. It’s also not recommended to get a facial since the air and climate changes might have made your skin more sensitive.

Hydrate yourself

Traveling can dry out your skin, especially if you’re going to a hot destination. Always bring water with you wherever you go and be mindful of your hydration levels to avoid letting your skin dry.

Don’t let your skin sensitivities get in the way of a fun and fruitful vacation. When traveling, take note of the changes in the environment that can affect your skin, particularly in the temperature and humidity. But even with all of these precautions, your skin conditions might still flare-up. When that happens, don’t panic. Instead, let yourself rest and avoid overusing products. In most cases, it’s not as bad as you think.

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