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Most of us recognize the fact that therapy is good and that it is necessary for many people to obtain optimal mental health. Yet the stigma against seeking therapy and the mindset of those of us predisposed to giving can make seeking therapy for ourselves a challenge. For anyone seeking therapy, finding the right therapist is important. To help with this difficulty, the How To Adult YouTube channel offers this informative video. Be sure to watch for more expert-level advice on this subject.

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What to Look for in a Licensed Mental Health Counselor
There is more to a good therapist than mere qualifications. The right licensed mental health counselor also brings the following to the table.

Empathetic Listening
The ability to show real empathy and listen actively are not optional. The patient must feel heard, understood, and cared for. Not every counselor can deliver this, and not every patient will appreciate a given counselor’s empathetic style.

A good counselor will be on the patient’s side, but at the same time, she will remain impartial enough to give quality feedback and make meaningful assessments. This is a tough bargain to strike, and not every counselor will suit every patient.

Interpersonal Chemistry
It’s important for the patient to feel comfortable with the counselor. For this, a match of personalities must be achieved. Therefore, you don’t need to settle with the first counselor you meet.

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