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Travel Activities for Adventurous Hearts


Everyone should travel at some point in their lives. That’s already a pretty common saying nowadays, we see it plastered everywhere. From YouTube videos of travel vloggers to the IG of internet-famous travelers, we always see people encouraging others to travel. But traveling on its own isn’t exactly fun if all you do is stay in the comfort of your hotel room, occasionally see sites and go through the usual tourist routines.

Traveling is an adventure, and it comes with a lot of exciting and adventurous activities you can do. Different places all over the world offer something exciting and fun, and perhaps it’s time that you try something challenging for yourself.

Try Skydiving

Riding a plane and jumping out of one are two different things. Very different. But as traveling becomes more and more popular, skydiving is becoming one of the holy grail of travel activities. And what’s not to love (and fear) about it: you’re jumping out of a moving plane at speeds faster than you can reach on the ground. It’s definitely a challenge and can be the best travel story you’ll have.

Best places to go skydiving: Fox Glacier, New Zealand; Victoria Falls, Zambia; Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Go Horseback Riding

A strong horse, good saddle pads, and wind in your face- isn’t that a fantasy we’ve all had? Horseback riding is one of the best ways to enjoy nature and immerse yourself in the land you’re visiting. If you’ve already tried horseback riding in your own country, horseback riding abroad is a good way to observe how different cultures do it. It’s a learning experience while you’re soaking in the sites and the atmosphere, and you get to look cool while doing it too.

Best places to go horseback riding: Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya; Haleakala National Park, Hawaii; Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Underwater adventures are always memorable. You get to see the side of our world not often seen. It’s also an educational experience as it will definitely show you how we, as humans, get to affect the world around us. Scuba diving tours are relatively affordable too, depending on what area you choose. And they often come with professional guides to help you out. If you don’t have a driving license yet, this is a great chance for you to get it.

Best places to go scuba diving: Great Blue Hole, Belize; Navy Pier, Western Australia; Nalusuan Island, Philippines

Do some Spelunking

You’ve probably heard of spelunking or exploring underground caves; it’s the new craze that’s slowly gaining popularity. While it has already enjoyed relative popularity among the hardcore adventurers and travelers, it’s only recently that the less hardcore and more beginner-friendly variety is offered. And you should try it too! Much like diving, spelunking provides a new and exciting look in the less explored regions of the world.

Of course, these suggestions are merely that: suggestions. Before you go out and try these, make sure that you are of good physical condition as the very nature of these activities will challenge you physically. But if you’re up for a challenge and would want to test your limits, there’s nothing better than traveling and going on adventures like these.

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