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Ways to Demonstrate Your Commitment to a Relationship


Dating and committing to a relationship are two different things. The first is more fragile and may not stand some challenges. Committing to a relationship has a more stable sound to it. People think that commitment nowadays is hard to come by. But this would be easy with the right person. When you find yourself ready to commit to somebody, how do you show it?

Say It with Tangible Things

A physical symbol is an excellent reminder of one’s commitment to another person. Beautiful gold promise rings are on top of the list of these tangible things. What is nice about these pieces of jewelry is that they are not exclusive to women. Partners can exchange these rings as a sign of mutual commitment to one another.

Another example is a heartfelt handwritten love letter. It may now be the age of text and chat messages. But something is endearing when one spends time to pour their emotions in writing. The time spent in crafting a letter is a sign of one’s effort to make a beloved happy.

Stick Around

A committed person does not buckle under the pressure of misunderstanding. It is natural for couples to reach some roadblocks in their relationships. Some turn the other way and leave. Committed people find a way to get past these hindrances.

Also, it is not good to threaten to leave or give ultimatums during arguments. People who do this do not know how to compromise yet. This is a clear sign that they are not yet ready to commit. Commitment means not using your power or control over somebody. Also, it means learning how to compromise.

Set Long-term Plans

Nothing shows commitment more than including your beloved in your plans. You see yourself growing old with your partner. Your plans may include marriage, settling down, and having children. When this is the path that the relationship is going, you know that you are in it for the long haul.

Putting your partner among your top priorities is also a good way to show commitment. It is a practice of how it is going to be in the future. When two people decide to build their lives together, they should learn to focus on one another. Giving time and attention should never be optional, but intentional.

Show Constant Support

Including your partner in your plans does not mean that you will disregard what they want. You must also be aware of their dreams and future goals. Aside from only knowing, you must support them all the way. This includes the present and the future.

Be the greatest fan of their accomplishments. Be an encourager when times are tough. This approach is a clear demonstration of the part of the vow that says, “For better or for worse.” Commitment is not only present during the ups. It must be more evident during the lows.

Strive to Fulfill Your Promises


Commitment is equal to consistency. It is easy to spout promises. But the real test is fulfilling them. It does not need to be grand. It could start with simple things such as coming on time or doing a task you have promised to do. Small things are a good training ground for bigger things. Also, when one is consistent in keeping their word, trust is built. Being committed is gaining and keeping one’s trust. A strong relationship must have trust as a foundation.

A committed relationship is hard work. Doing hard work for someone you love is worth it. The security of a committed relationship outweighs all the difficulties.

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