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Vacations and Wellness: Seek Adventure at Home


Travel has traditionally meant leaving home and going somewhere exotic and new. But there is no reason you cannot find exotic and new in your own country. Living in a great big land means that there are great big adventures to be had. All your really need is to find something you have never tried before and go indulge in making new memories.
Whether you are planning a fun weekend away with friends or a bonding vacation trip with your family, you are only limited by what you want to try. Something exciting like ATV tours can give you the enjoyment of seeing a new landscape in a very exciting fashion, while glamping in the woods gives you a more in-depth appreciation for an area without losing the comforts of home.
Every new experience is an adventure and has the potential to improve your mood and help your mental health recover from this tough year that we have all had to live through. Maybe what you need is to try something you never thought you would. A bucket list adventure might be exactly what you and your family need to unwind and make lasting memories.

Mountain Hiking

Mountain hiking is rigorous and can test your endurance while giving your breathtaking views and unforgettable vistas to enjoy. This is the perfect activity for a family that enjoys hiking and is willing to test their endurance in a highly rewarding manner.

Biking Trails

Biking trails are great if you do not enjoy hiking but still want to indulge in the natural beauty of an area. Bikes can be rented at most trails, but you may want to bring your own safety gear as a health precaution. Pack a picnic basket so that you can sit and enjoy the peace and beauty of a natural meadow or lakeside clearing. Do some stretching and stay limber in the days leading up to the day of biking to prevent sprains and fatigue.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Lakes are great for family getaways and vacations with friends because there are many activities you can do in a group. Stand-up paddleboarding is very popular with families as it is suitable for all ages and requires very little training to enjoy. It is safer in a lake than at the beach as there is no undercurrent to look out for.
Most lakes that see many activities usually have paddleboards people can rent and lifeguards on duty just as a safety precaution. It is best to give everyone a few days to brush up on their swimming before taking out the paddleboards to be on the safe side.
people having a picnic


Picnics are wonderful as you generally have to go on long and meandering walks to find the perfect spot and can reward yourself with a delicious meal when you find it. It is a slow and peaceful way to enjoy the outdoors and is best enjoyed as a bonding activity.
People can have long conversations, give pets a new and exciting area to explore and play in, as well as enjoy a well-earned nap in the fresh air. Picnics are also easy to take anywhere. You can picnic by a lake, a river, or a beach.

Extreme Camping

This might be an activity best enjoyed by adults with some experience in extreme weather hiking. Extreme camping takes people camping in extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow and tests people’s endurance. It can take a lot of effort from a person, but the resulting confidence it can give is a big draw for extreme campers.
Ensure you have the right equipment from tents to strong hiking boots and follow all the camp leader’s instructions to stay safe at all times. Wintertime extreme camping can make for low visibility, so keep a well-charged and powerful flashlight on you at all times.

Walking Tours

Walking tours are a great way to familiarize yourself with your city. Some cities are huge, and you can live in them for a long time without learning the history of the place. Many cities have interesting architecture or graffiti and outdoor art pieces to enjoy. Some cities even do walking tours for gastronomically inclined people or to different local breweries and wineries. Boozy walking tours are perfect for friends, while historical walking tours are great for families with children.


A road trip is a good way to fully remove yourself from your area and seek adventure at your own speed. Drive from a coastal area to a mountainous one to enjoy the change in scenery and differing temperatures.
Hobby farms are good for a change of scenery when you do not have time for a road trip. City dwellers can experience the fresh air and indulge in fun activities like picking fruit and vegetables or helping to groom and train horses.
These are all easy activities to find and very low cost to do. All it takes is a sense of adventure and a yen to try new things.

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