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Personal grooming does not mean wearing designer clothes or expensive accessories. It simply refers to maintaining every single part of your body for a pleasing appearance. No one likes to interact with someone who neglects their personal hygiene. Apart from social reasons, keeping your body clean protects you from disease and infection.

Follow these habits of well-groomed men to help you look and feel great inside out.

Take care of your skin

Daily exposure to UV rays can lead to premature skin aging. In the morning, apply moisturizer with SPF and suntan lotion before leaving the house. Together, they will shield you from sun exposure and pollution, which can cause wrinkles, dark spots, and skin cancer.

Stay hydrated throughout the day and choose water instead of alcohol and sugary drinks. Commit to a full 8-hour sleep and wear a night cream to keep your skin hydrated. If your goal is to achieve youthful skin, use age-defying moisturizers that contain vitamin C and E.

Visit a barber regularly

getting a haircut

The more you procrastinate on that haircut, the more your hair will look flat, tired, and damaged. The first step to getting the right length and style is to know your hair type. Professional barbershops such as Mensch: Male Image & Grooming Studio draw upon their knowledge of men’s hair, treatment options, and seasonal trends to help you decide the best style for you.

When determining a customer’s hair type, experienced barbers consider the following characteristics:

  • Density: thin, medium, or thick
  • Curl Pattern: straight, wavy, or curly
  • Porosity: the hair’s ability to hold moisture
  • Elasticity: the hair’s ability to stretch and remain intact

Hair growth depends on genetics. While some guys can settle for monthly barber appointments, others may need weekly attention.

Get a mani-pedi

Most men think manicures and pedicures are strictly for women. Your hands and feet need just as much pampering and attention to look your best.

During a mani-pedi session, expect your nails to get clipped and shaped. Dirt that’s hiding between your nails and skin will be carefully removed. The dead skin on your toes and feet will also be scrubbed off until they soften. Gels and lotions will also be applied to soothe your fingers, toes, and ankles.

If you don’t have time to go to a salon, a scrub on your hands once a week. Apply hand cream after washing your hands and foot cream before going to bed. Trim your nails regularly, and avoid biting them.

Find the right scent

Choose a fragrance that’s not too mild, but also won’t give people a headache. If possible, use matching cologne and deodorants to make the fragrance last longer.

Perspiration is your cologne’s number one enemy. A summer scent could easily wear off as soon as you step outside. In sweatier months, spray other areas apart from your pulse points. Spray the underside of your beard, the collar of your shirt. If you have long hair, spray the ends, too.

If you’re suffering from body odor issues, avoid alcohol, red meat, caffeine, cumin, and garlic. Don’t use unwashed clothes as it will intensify the odor. Try natural deodorants like witch hazel and tea tree oil. Most natural remedies for body odor can be done using ingredients from your own kitchen like baking soda, lemon, and apple cider.

No matter how busy you are, you cannot overlook the importance of looking presentable & well-groomed. Paying attention to your appearance not only makes you look and feel good, but also boosts your confidence.

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