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How to Motivate Your Husband to Take Better Care of His Health


If you are under the impression that your husband isn’t taking care of himself, that’s because he really doesn’t. Men believe that they are so invincible that no flu, pneumonia, viruses, and bacteria can get into their system. Even those who have a family history of cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and heart diseases don’t go to screening tests until the situation is far worse than they can manage. So, why do men feel invincible and how can their wives convince them to get screened for the usual health problems in men?

Robert is 40 years old. His uncle, Romy, died of prostate cancer a few years back. So does his other uncle. While his father has been cleared of prostate cancer, it is not lost to Robert that he is also a candidate for the same medical condition. And yet he hasn’t taken the test when experts said that someone with his medical history should take the screening test at 40. His wife, understandably, is adamant that Robert should get screened. She even checked some prostate biopsy service clinics to understand more about what her husband could be facing.


It is not unusual to find someone like Robert. Psychologists said this is because men always felt invincible when they were younger. They can eat a whole box of pizza without gaining weight. They can pull an all-nighter and drink until the wee hours of the morning, and still feel up to a party the next night. Their young bodies have such tremendous energy and physical health that it’s hard for them to accept it is no longer that way.


That feeling of invincibility is not isolated to a guy’s physical health. It is also part of their emotional health. When they think of a problem, whether in career, personal, or health, they internalize it and move on. Some say that this is because men are more resilient while others see this as a form of escapism. But here’s the thing: even after they have moved on, men are known to manifest their stress and anxiety in other ways. This affects their physical health, too.

The Male Ego

Many guys know their lifestyles aren’t exactly the best. They know that how they eat, drink, and the lack of exercise will affect their health in the long run. And yet, men refuse to listen to their wives, parents, relatives, friends, and even doctors. For them, they know what’s best for their bodies. They are defiant about any change in their physical health.

So, with all these in mind, what can you do to make your husband care more about his health? How do you make sure that he takes better care of himself? How do you appeal to his senses?

Talk It Over

It is not that men do not listen to their wives. They do. Otherwise, your marriage wouldn’t last long. Explain to him with clear examples what the consequences will be if he doesn’t take care of his health. You have to open up to him about your concerns as his partner. If you have children, it’s best to consider them in your arguments.

Appeal to His Emotions

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How will the family be impacted by his health? Make sure he knows what you will all be facing if he falls ills. Whether it’s about your financial or emotional health, men should understand what it means for the family if they do not take care of their health.

Stop Nagging and Yelling

Men do not listen because their partners tend to nag and yell. Never do this. Do not even insist that you are right, and they are wrong. Talk to them calmly about any concerns you have about their physical health, family history of illnesses, and many more.

Make Compromises

You can’t win all battles. If you want your husband to stop smoking, compromise first for him to reduce smoking to three sticks a day. Then, work your way lower until he stops fully. Show him support and celebrate the milestones. Pushing him to do something against his will never works for any marriage.

The male ego is a fragile thing. After many years of marriage, you should know about that. Convincing your husband to take better care of himself is not an easy task; in the same way, it’s not easy to make him do household chores. But with love, respect, and encouragement, he can slowly make the transition of living a healthier lifestyle. Of course, it will help if you can take this journey to a healthier lifestyle alongside him.

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