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When it comes to getting your toddler ready for school, there are a few things you can do to help them adjust. You don’t want them to be feel alienated in a new environment so you have to take steps that will ease them in slowly. Here are 10 tips to make this transition as smooth as possible.

1. Talk about school

The best way to prepare your toddler for something is to talk about it. Explain to them what school is and what they will be doing there. This will help them understand and feel more comfortable with the idea of attending school. Tell them about the many fun things they can do in school so that they feel more excited than scared to go there.

2. Visit the school

Another way to ease your toddler into school is by visiting your local preschool. This will help them get acquainted with the environment and the people who will be taking care of them. Seeing the school firsthand will help ease any fears they may have about attending.

3. Meet their teacher

One of the most important aspects of preparing your toddler for school is meeting their teacher. This way, they can start building a relationship with the person who will be responsible for their care. The teacher can also give you some tips on how to help your child adjust to school.

4. Get them a backpack and school supplies

The sooner you get your toddler used to having a backpack and school supplies, the better. This way, they will start associating these items with going to school. They will also feel more prepared when the time comes to actually start attending classes. You can make this a more interactive task by letting them choose their things. You can buy items with their favorite cartoon characters on them and let them choose the colors of the other supplies they will be using.

5. Set a routine

A key part of preparing your toddler for school is setting a routine. This will help them get used to the new schedule they will be following. Having a set routine will also make it easier for you to adjust when they start going to school full-time. The routine should involve a regular sleep schedule, a consistent time for waking up, and a hearty breakfast before setting off to school.

6. Send them with a snack

When your child is in school, they will most likely be given a snack. This can be anything from crackers and juice to a sandwich and fruit. However, it’s always a good idea to send them with their own snack just in case. This will help them avoid feeling hungry or left out during snack time and will also give you the freedom to feed them your choice of healthy foods.

7. Have them help pack their lunch

packed lunch

Another way to get your toddler excited about going to school is by having them help pack their own lunch. This will give them a sense of responsibility and let them know that they are an important part of the school experience. It will also make them feel more independent. You can ask them to help in the preparation of sandwiches and drinks but keep them away from kitchen tools that may be dangerous for their handling.

8. Send them with a favorite toy

Sending your child to school with a favorite toy can help make the transition easier. This will give them something to focus on and comfort them when they feel homesick. Plus, it can be a fun way for them to make new friends. But try to do this only for the first few weeks. Their toys are best left at home as they will have to focus on other things in school.

9. Talk about homework

One of the most daunting things about school is homework. However, you can help make it less scary for your toddler by talking to them about it. Explain that homework is just a way for the teacher to check how they are doing in school. This will help them feel more confident and excited about doing their homework.

10. Reward them for good behavior

One of the best ways to encourage your toddler to behave well in school is by rewarding them for good behavior. This can be anything from a small toy to an extra bedtime story. Showing them that you are proud of their good behavior will help keep them motivated throughout the school year.


These are just a few tips on how to prepare your toddler for school. You can do more as your child gets used to their new school. By following these tips, you can help make the transition smoother for both you and your child.

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