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Do you drink alcohol or beer often and aren’t sure what to do about it? Are you taking pills in order to sleep, but you’ve had to take more recently in order for them to have the same effect? Is your life a mess because your substance use is having a negative impact on your daily life? These are common concerns for those who need substance abuse treatment.

A substance use disorder can be dangerous. Because there are many different types of substances, it may be difficult to seek out substance abuse treatment. While not everyone who uses a substance is addicted to that substance, when it begins to negatively impact your life, you may be struggling with addiction.

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There are different ways to get help. Medical crisis intervention, medication-assisted treatment, hospitalization and short-term treatment, contingency management, cognitive behavioral therapy interventions, 12-step programs and group therapy, and maintenance and long-term treatment programs can all serve as effective substance abuse treatment. These treatment options can create a sense of community and support. Short-term treatment is especially vital for long-term success; long-term treatment is effective, but only after short-term treatment has been provided. The two in combination can really break the cycle for those who are struggling with substance abuse.


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