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The various institutions of our world have taken a significant toll because of the pandemic. Businesses were forced to shut down, schools had to close their doors and adopt a new method of teaching and learning, and medical institutions are in full capacity to accommodate the number of patients seeking aid on their doors.

These adverse effects are just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath it all, there are lots of untold stories and problems unsolved. One of these concerns is traveling. You probably think that traveling is just nothing but leisure for all of us. However, when all of us are fighting silent battles on our own, traveling provides us with an outlet to refresh our exhausted minds.

How Covid-19 Has Affected Traveling

The current Covid-19 data shows that there are about 147 million cases worldwide, from which more than 3 million have resulted in death. While it’s true that the global population is around 7 billion, 3 million people are still an alarming number, considering we lost most of them in just a year.

To prevent this number from continuing to balloon, multiple countries have restricted their air travel and only allowed essential incoming and outgoing flights, with some of these countries not allowing flights at all.

Even traveling within the country is strictly monitored, and leisure activities are extremely limited. Governments all over the world believe that unless there is enough vaccine to provide immunity to their people, limiting the movement of their countrymen is currently the best possible solution.

This is why people are encouraged to stay at home and find a way to continue their daily tasks while staying at home. Some companies have tried remote work settings, and people are advised to have their necessary goods delivered to their doorsteps whenever they need access to them.

The reduced physical interaction is essential to minimize the spread of Covid-19. Since the virus is transmitted through physical contact or being in close proximity with other people and touching the various entry points of our body such as the mouth, nose, and eyes, lessening the amount of time we spend with other people also lessens the risk of acquiring the virus. This, for the most part, is our duty to try and stop the virus.


Is It Safe to Travel for Now?

The question we have in our minds right now is whether or not it is safe to travel. The truth is, it’s difficult to answer this question. While we know that the virus is still around us, we also know that traveling is an essential part of our lives.

As we sink deeper into the pandemic, the more our mental health degenerates. The government suggests that we try to find other means of entertainment we can have at home, such as playing video games or watching movies. However, we know that there’s a certain type of rest and satisfaction that we can only get by traveling to other places or spending time with our friends.

Does this mean that we can travel now? As much as we want to get back to our old ways, we can’t hide the fact that the virus can still easily be transmitted, and it may be getting worse. Some countries have found a better footing on the whole pandemic scenario and have allowed incoming and outgoing travel, provided that tourists and locals alike follow their safety protocols.

This means that the answer to the question of whether traveling is allowed or not depends on the pandemic response of that particular country. Nations that have found solutions to prevent the pandemic from worsening are now opening their doors, not only for the citizens to recuperate but also for their economies to heal.

Safety Measures When Traveling

If a country does allow travel, it’s important that we follow the safety measures to ensure that we don’t endanger ourselves and society. Make sure that you always bring a disinfectant with you, and always wear a face mask.

If you’re staying at a certain place for a few days or weeks, look for private rooms in hostels to ensure that you lessen the interaction you might have with strangers. Sharing enclosed spaces with people you don’t know is not the best course of action in times like these.

There are still lots of other safety measures you need to know, but they often differ according to the place you’re visiting. Make sure that you research the guidelines provided by the government of the country or city you’ll be going to. This will guarantee that you’re not breaking any regulations and that you also promote their drive towards a safer environment.

We still don’t know when the pandemic will likely end, but as resilient as we are, we know that we will find a way to put up a good fight and end it, or at least find solutions on how we can go about our daily lives.

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