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Feel Better: Making the Effort for Wellness


Being a healthier person with a good mindset is about the choices you make every day. No one is happy constantly, and it is unhealthy to think that that state of being can be prolonged. Contentment is possible, and learning to return to a state of contentment after stress can help you a great deal in life.
To achieve stability and contentment, you must make decisions that empower you and help you feel more like yourself. These decisions must be centered on what gives you joy. Being influenced by the likes and dislikes of others and succumbing to peer pressure will only leave you feeling unbalanced and discontent.
The whole point of choosing what appeals to you is about taking control of your self-care. No one else knows what is best for your well-being as well as you do. For some, self-care is taking long walks and spending time with pets. For others, it is laser hair removal and seaweed wraps. There is nothing wrong with it. Either way, it simply speaks to the type of person and what helps them face the world feeling strong and confident.

Find Reasons to Smile

Smiling triggers a psychological response in us that tells our brains that we feel good about a situation. Helping yourself to smile several times a day can help you to feel more centered and calm.
Scientists have recorded how smiling can help heart rates return to normal and maintain positive feelings during stressful situations. Keep a watch list of cute videos on your phone and make a folder of happy photos that always bring a smile to your face.
Start writing down what made you smile during your day and read these notes whenever you need a smile. This will help you smile, but it will also help you feel gratitude for the nice things in your life.

Improve Your Posture

Looking confident can often help you to project an image of self-assurance even when you do not feel like it at the moment. This is especially important at work where employers and clients look to your body language to gauge how confident they can feel in your skills and ability.
Improving your posture has several benefits. It will help reduce any back pain you may have experienced due to poor posture and help you look better in your clothes. Continued practicing of better posture can have a psychological effect where you begin to feel more confident simply because you physically look confident. Over time, you will find that you unconsciously have better posture and genuinely feel more confident and self-assured.
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Eat Better

The way we eat and what we eat have a great psychological effect on how we feel, both physically and mentally. Quite often, we get so used to the way we have grown up eating that we do not question what we put inside our bodies.
It may help you to start eating more mindfully. Try out going low-carb to see if it helps you to feel more energetic and less lethargic. Remove dairy from your diet for a few weeks to find out if that helps to feel less bloated and reduces your acne.
Begin carrying a water bottle with you at all times so you can hydrate often. You will definitely find that this helps you feel energetic for longer, keeps your stamina going for longer, and helps to clear up your skin.

Start Exercising in Increments

If you are not an active person, even a 30-minute walk every day can sound like a lot of effort. But there are ways to counter this mindset and begin working exercise into your daily routine. Start very small by applying yourself more to household tasks.
Take extra time to clean everything more properly. Where you would usually vacuum the floor, add in sweeping and mopping as well. Vigorous housework of this type burns calories and can help to improve your stamina.
Start taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work. It is not a big change, but the continued usage will make your legs stronger and more able to take on more exercise later. Use a small weight to work out your arms while you watch TV. The weight will help to keep you active, work out your arms muscles, and all without you having to give up your TV watching hobby.
Over time, as these small changes begin adding up, you will find that you have reduced lethargy and increased energy to try going for walks.
Replace your snacks with healthier options such as vegetable chips instead of potato chips, dark chocolate squares instead of candy bars, and fruit instead of fried snacks. Weaning off the excess sugar and oil can be hard at first, but once you have done so, you will find that you do not miss it as much as you thought you would.
Heavily salted snack foods and sugary treats are designed to trigger mild addictions in our bodies. This is why it is hard to wean yourself off them as you are essentially going through a withdrawal. But as with all things that are bad for you, once you have rescued yourself from their clutches, you will find you feel better and start wondering what you ever saw in them.

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