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The Right Pair of Scissors for the Right Situation


Scissors are a tool that we do not ponder or consider much about. That is probably because it’s just another one that we use when we’re cooking, working in the office, doing artsy crafts, or even cutting our hair. But there’s more to scissors than what meets the eye. Some scissors are made for specific tasks, and while some will cut it, some types are more efficient than others.

We might not notice it, but scissors have become a huge part of our society. This type of tool has been used for a variety of different industries and will continue to serve new purposes as technology progresses. It can be in the humble kitchen that uses pinking scissors to make intricate shapes out of vegetables to small safety scissors used in kindergartens and giant military scissors that can cut through cloth and skin for emergency surgeries. It’s one of the essential tools that we have every day.

Throughout most of history, scissors have been used as a way of cutting fabric. In pop culture and superstition, scissors were used the three fates of Greek mythology to “cut a cord.” But other than superstitions, mythology, and fabric manufacturing, there’s more to this cutting-edge technology than we might think.

Will They Cut It?

I’m sure that you would not use a regular pair of scissors for a medical emergency. Some kinds of scissors are made from specific materials that have unique traits. While some are from stainless steel, others will use aluminum and other alloys. Using the right equipment for the job will help ensure that what you’re cutting will be in pristine condition.

So which type of scissors are appropriate for a specific situation?

Multipurpose Scissors

These are your ordinary scissors. You’ll find them everywhere from your usual office setting, to classrooms, and even in the kitchen. They are usually around six to eight inches in length while having a grip that is made of plastic or rubber. The blades are typically made of non-stick stainless steel, which makes them resistant to getting blunted and damaged.

Most of these scissors will have a layer that is resistant to corrosion, fading, and rusting. That makes it an excellent choice for a variety of environments, especially in the kitchen, as it needs to be constantly washed. It is quite distinguishable from the rest since it has an iconic length while having its own sharp edges and a smooth ergonomic handle for an added grip.

However, most brands aren’t that friendly towards left-handed users since most are designed for right-handed users.

Hair-Cutting Scissors

The hairstyling industry is one of the many businesses that heavily rely on scissors. From hair-cutting shears, hair-thinning shears, and an intricate set of tools in between, every barber must be ready for a wide variety of hair. Hair-cutting shears are to a barber as a rifle is to a soldier.

What we have enumerated here is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more varieties of scissors that are available in the market; it’s only a matter of how to find them.

Trauma Shears

using sheers

In the surgical theatre, trauma shears are some of the sharpest in the industry. Not only will these types of shears cut through skin like a hot knife through butter, but it can also cut through fabric. This type of shears is also quite prevalent in the army, with emergency procedures dictating the fate of soldiers. Trauma shears can cut through the thickest of fabric, which includes denim, thick winter clothes, and leather. Split-second decisions with these types of shears can save a person’s life.

It’s also important to note that there are scissors that are designed for ambidextrous or left-handed users. While the majority of scissors were meant to be used by right-handed users, a good percentage of the population will usually be left-handed, especially surgeons.

There is a wide plethora of scissors that you can choose from. Professional barbers, surgeons, and military personnel will usually use professionally-designed scissors since this will make their work more efficient. Some scissors and shears are less about cutting and more on for other purposes, such as the thinning shears for the hair and the pinking scissors that are for the use of designing food.

Whether you’re handling food, performing a surgical operation, cutting hair, or just cutting up some office supplies, you can’t deny that this cutting-edge tool has made a significant impact on our lives. It tool has made life so much more manageable for us.

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