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Top Tips to Look Your Best While on The Go


Keeping up good grooming while on the go can be a challenge for us travelers. We’re almost always on the move, catching the next flight, out seeing the sights, exploring the hot spots–so much so that there isn’t always enough time to keep up with our regular grooming routine. But does this mean we can’t look our best while traveling? Definitely not.

If you’re planning to take your next big adventure, here are the best ways to look your best while on the go through grooming:

1. Pamper yourself before leaving

The bulk of your grooming activities should be done before you leave for your destination. Since you won’t have much time to do so while exploring a new city or taking a tour after tour, it’s best to pamper yourself before leaving. Moreover, it’s not practical to bring all your grooming stuff with you while traveling–apart from being expensive, you probably won’t use all of them.

Before leaving, do all of your major pampering activities, such as getting a haircut, applying a hair mask, steaming your face, and doing a deep-clean face mask. If you want to have the perfect smile in your pictures, you should also find the best teeth whitening solution for men or women, whatever is applicable, and start using it at least a couple of weeks before your vacation.

2. Bring multi-purpose products

A foundation with sun protection? A toner that is also a makeup remover? A hair spray that has heat protection? Sounds exactly like things you need for your next vacation.

If you want to make grooming easier, opt for products that have multiple purposes. Apart from cutting down your grooming time, using multi-purpose products will also save you a lot of luggage space.

3. Pack some dry shampoo

It can be a hassle to step into the shower when you’re dead tired after moving from place to place, but if you don’t want to have greasy hair while traveling, washing your hair is a must. However, washing your hair can be a colossal chore if you’re exhausted or don’t have access to a shower, so don’t forget to pack some dry shampoo in your luggage to keep your hair clean without actually washing it.

Furthermore, hot water can evaporate the moisture from your scalp, which is bad enough but even more so if you’ve just stepped out of a flight (cabin pressure dries out skin). If you don’t want to use cold water to shower, use dry shampoo to clean your hair instead.

4. Put essentials in your carry-on or day bag

Keep essential grooming items in your carry-on or day bag for easy access, especially when you’re on the go and can only make quick bathroom trips. Examples of grooming essentials you should have in your bag include a comb or hairbrush, wet wipes, facial tissue, lip balm (especially if you are flying to your destination), moisturizer (preferably with SPF), and key makeup items.

5. Shorten your everyday beauty routine

beauty routine

Before you leave for your next adventure, cut down your beauty routine to ten minutes or less. If it usually takes you thirty minutes to get ready, simplify your routine until you can do it in the shortest amount of time possible. In this way, you don’t have to rush through your routine in the morning, meaning you can also enjoy extra few minutes of sleep before taking on a new day.

The best way to shorten your beauty routine is to choose simple makeup looks and hairstyles. Keep in mind that less is more, and even if you sport a toned-down look while traveling, you’re still going to look great despite not spending an hour preparing in the morning.

6. Don’t skip showers

It can be tempting to just plop face-first into the bed after a long day of traveling, but keep in mind that you’re carrying a day’s worth of dirt, dust, and germs on your body. Do you really want the sweat and dirt of the day sticking on your skin and transferring to your bed? Probably not. Hence, don’t skip the shower, even if you are tired. A quick five-minute shower is better than nothing–at least you can strip away the first layers of sweat and dirt from your body, and it’s definitely going to feel much comfortable when you sleep freshly showered.

Good grooming while traveling is the key to looking your best, even if you don’t cake on tons of makeup or spend hours doing your hair. So before you go on your next vacation, keep these tips in mind–you’ll be sure to find them extremely useful while you’re busy exploring a new place.

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