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Give Your Old Clothes New Life Using These Techniques


The spring-cleaning season often leaves you with a large pile of clothes that you have no use for anymore—or so you think. The truth is there is so much you can do with those old clothes aside from throwing them away. That is by transforming them into something new!

There are plenty of smart and creative ways to approach this, and we know it can get a little overwhelming to decide what to do with each item you’re keeping. That is why we have put together a list of techniques on how you can alter or repurpose your old clothing.

Embellish unused shirts with creative designs

You may have looked through your closet and found quite a few unused plain shirts lying around. They don’t have to be turned into rags right away. A blank canvas is the best place to create a new masterpiece.

Come up with a design and have your shirts screen-printed. The screen-printing shop you visit may even have the expertise to assist you in designing your logo. Try this method for a low-cost way to embellish your old clothes.

Alter them into a new clothing item

Sometimes, it is enough to simply print or embroider a new design onto an old shirt. Unfortunately, there are other times when it takes a bit more than that. When an article of clothing has become ill-fitting, or you find yourself with an oversized hand-me-down, you should bring your sewing kit out and get snipping!

There are plenty of tutorials online for the different kinds of clothes that you own. From pants to skirts and even to blouses, there is a way to change it up. Each time, you’ll end up with a piece that’s completely new.

Make a quilt out of them

Those old clothes that are a little worn but made from soft material? You can sew them together to make a blanket. They create a pretty patchwork design that takes little effort to become a pretty quilt.

This project is also great for those childhood T-shirts you or your kids have outgrown. First, they are a good size to cut up into small patches. Also, using some of your favorite shirts can become a unique kind of time capsule that immortalizes your childhood memories into a blanket.

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Create a reusable bag

The amazing thing about DIY repurposing old clothing itemss is that you get to decide exactly what to make of them. There are at least eight different ways you can turn old clothes into a reusable bag.

A popular choice is turning old T-shirts and drawstring pants into a reusable tote bag for your grocery shopping needs. Another innovative way is to cut numerous slits into an old shirt to turn it into a produce bag, which can also double as a beach bag. Just make sure that the slits are not too big so that your fruits or other things won’t fall through the holes.

Turn old clothes into a rug

One technique you may not have previously considered is making a rug from those worn clothes. You don’t have to worry about the design of the shirt, either. All this requires to get started is a pair of scissors and a bit of braiding knowledge.

When the strips of cloth seem too short, it is also fine to just tie up more strips at the end to make it longer. Twenty feet is a good braid length to coil and then sew together for a brand-new doormat for any part of the house!

Make art out of fancy patterns

New clothes and household items are not the only final products you can have out of old clothes. You can actually frame those old clothes to make them wall decorations. It will be even better if you have memories attached to those old clothes.

Just go through your discard pile and pick out the shirts and bottoms that have the colors and/or patterns you like the most or complement each other best. Then you can cut a portion of the shirt that fits the frame sizes you have chosen, and then tape or glue it onto the sides or back of the frame.

Mix and match the colors and patterns of the clothes and frames to make them pop.

The Sky’s the Limit!

These are only six out of the tons of ways you can remake your old clothes into new items. Don’t limit yourself to tops and bottoms; scarves, ties, and even old handkerchiefs can work. Go wild in trying out new things!

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