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You may have experienced the stress of using what feels like every beauty product possible to brighten dull skin. For some reason, your skin seems to go back to its old ways no matter what you do.

Sometimes, the culprit (or culprits) for dull, uneven skin is not quite the skincare products in your routine. Your lackluster skin worries can also be traced back to poor daily habits or even your environment.

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Possible Reasons for Your Dull Skin

The skin is exposed to different things in your environment every day, so it inevitably responds to them. Here are the possible causes for why your skin has been looking dull lately.

1. You don’t drink enough water

Water allows nutrients to be delivered to your cells and allows your organs to function as they should. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and so it needs water, too. Hydration is also directly linked to blood circulation, allowing the heart to do its job efficiently.

When you are dehydrated, your skin lacks the water it needs. That is why it looks dry and flat when you are thirsty. It also contributes to faster aging and wrinkles.

Avoid dehydration-related skin issues by making sure to consume at least three liters of water a day. If you are living somewhere with warmer temperatures or are in high altitudes, you may need to drink more water daily. Your activities for the day, such as exercises, also dictate if you need extra intake.

2. You don’t exfoliate your skin

If you have dry skin due to your lifestyle or skin type, it usually causes dullness. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells on the surface of your face and replaces them with fresh ones that are brighter. Approach it with care, however, as too much exfoliation can dry your skin.

Exfoliating two or three times a week is usually friendly for your skin if you use a chemical exfoliant. Physical exfoliants tend to be too harsh to use more than once a week.

Your skin type also affects the exfoliants and frequency that works for you. Dry and sensitive skin types should limit exfoliation to only twice a week. Look for friendly, moisturizing ingredients, too.

exfoliating skin

3. You don’t get enough sleep

The amount of sleep you get has an effect the moisture your skin receives. When you go about your day with too little, your skin suffers along with your mood and energy levels. Sometimes your skin just becomes duller, but there are instances when you also get dark circles and breakouts on top of it.

There is a simple solution to fix this issue. Get good, restful sleep every night! But we know, this is easier said than done.

When you are having trouble sleeping, you can get assistance from aromatherapy to feel more relaxed at night. You can also listen to white noise or other relaxing sounds to aid your sleep.

4. You are stressed about something (or a lot of things)

The effects of the best skincare routine can be countered by being under constant stress. Stress affects blood flow in the skin and keeps it from being bright and full of life.

Determine the sources of your stress from your personal to professional life. While it is not always possible to eliminate these stressors, you can change how you manage them.

One way is to always have time allotted for de-stressing. Do activities that help you relax, such as yoga, meditation, or even just sitting on the couch and enjoying a good movie. If you are working remotely, set a time to log off from work so that you don’t bring work concerns outside of work hours.

5. You had too much sun exposure

Being under the sun for a limited amount of time is good for you. It gives you your regular dose of vitamin D! But be careful. Too much sun exposure can dull the moisture in your skin.

No matter if you will be spending your day outdoors or indoors, make a habit of using sunscreen with at least SPF 30. Reapply as needed, especially if you will be doing activities that will make you sweat.

Keep in mind that the road to bright and radiant skin requires a good combination of healthy habits and an effective skincare routine. Only having one or the other can still affect your skin adversely.

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