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Eco-friendly Eating Habits: Changing The Way You Eat


When it comes to helping the environment, many people don’t know that their habits can greatly affect the environment. For example, driving your car a lot consumes a lot of gasoline while releasing pollutants into the air. If you want to start saving the world, you should begin by changing your habits, starting with how you eat. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Focus On Plants

A very effective change in eating habits is to eat more plant-based food. You don’t have to go fully vegan or vegetarian. Fruits and vegetables are a lot less impactful on the environment than other food sources. It also helps that when properly done, agriculture can help the environment and healthy for you. For example, organic farming uses no fertilizers or chemicals.

This means that the soil does not receive any of these dangerous chemicals and poisons the ground or local water sources. Additionally, crops from organic farming are healthier than those with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. When you eat them, you can be sure that you are safe from ingesting any chemicals.

Reduce Meat And Seafood


Two industries can be devastating to the environment: the meat industry and the fishing industry. While pigs and chickens are not that demanding when raising them, cows can be very resource-consuming. They need a lot of space, feed, and even water. The amount of meat we get from cows is not equal to the resources we invest in them. As for fishing, the industry is full of negative practices that damage the environment.

From dynamite fishing to over-fishing, there are many ways that patronizing it will only cause future environmental problems. This does not mean you can’t enjoy beef or fish. You have to be mindful of what you buy and ensure you are getting from ethical sources. For example, organic beef farmers are very conscious about how they raise their beef ethically and organically. Lowering your consumption of them can also help.

Change Your Eating Utensils

It is not just what you eat that can help the environment. Using the right utensils can also help with helping the environment. For example, you can change to using bamboo utensils. These wooden utensils are great for several reasons. For one, they look incredible. Bamboo is beautiful wood when handled properly. They are also very durable in their own right. Most importantly, they come from a renewable resource. Bamboo grows quickly, and wood used in utensils can be replaced within the month. They are also a good alternative to plastic when looking for cookware materials. At the least, they decompose quicker than that material.

Source Ingredients Locally

Another way to be more ethical about food is to get ingredients from a local source. Transporting food over long distances is not good for the environment. The carbon produced by boats, trucks, trains, and more is slowly strangling the planet. It is better if you find all the ingredients you need from a local source.

For one, a close place means that delivering the ingredient doesn’t produce as much carbon as a cross-country trip. Additionally, locally sourced foods are cheaper and easier to acquire. Further support any local organic farmers you can find to ensure that you are buying good-quality food.

Properly Store Your Food

meal plan

If you are stockpiling food, then you should learn to store them properly. These methods ensure that any food stockpiled will be able to last for a long time. This is perfect for those with fruits or something that you can buy in bulk. There are several interesting methods to protect food from decay. For one, you can use canning to turn a lot of extra fruits into preserves that you can use in the future. With proper food storage, you don’t have to worry too much about food reserves.

Eliminate Waste

It can be surprising how much food you throw into the trash. If possible, you should have a zero-waste approach. This means all the food you bring to your table should be eaten or used. This can be achieved in several ways. For example, you can reduce portions so that you can eat everything without waster. Another option is to cook the leftovers of any meal. This stops food waste and gives the food another chance.

Eating in an environmentally friendly fashion doesn’t mean that you should deprive yourself. There are many ways you can still enjoy your food while also ensuring that you are helping nature. A few simple changes can be very effective in improving the world and making it a better place for everyone.

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