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Essential Practices to Use for a Healthy Marriage


Making marriage work is a serious commitment. Marital problems can wreak havoc on one’s mental health. Thus, it is essential to include some strategies to keep a marriage healthy. Being proactive about these things will help keep potential problems away. Here are some ideas worth trying.

Learn to be “In the Now”

One pitfall of marriage is carrying some emotional baggage in the relationship. Childhood traumas or issues in previous relationships can affect you and your partner. You may agree to undergo couples’ therapy to help yourself process experiences. Also, it will help your partner understand where you are coming from.

Another way of letting the past rule your relationship is by keeping score. This happens when you say that you have forgiven your spouse but always bring up a past mistake. For you to be “in the now,” you must be willing to have a clean slate.

Observe Better Communication Patterns

Disappointments with one another are natural. Everyone has a human tendency to have expectations that go unmet. But instead of centering on the person, you may opt to discuss the behavior or the ill consequences it made. For instance, do not say that your partner is inconsiderate. Instead, you may tell them when they miss telling you something you feel is important. You may also add how it made you feel (i.e., anxious). This way, they will not feel that they need to defend themselves. It may also help them reflect on what behavior they need to change next time.

Also, learn not to speak when you are at the height of your emotions. Saying things at moments like these almost always lead to regret. But, do not let an issue boil in too long inside of you. This approach will lead to resentment. Learn the proper time to address issues.

Verbalize Compliments

One thing that couples forget is to appreciate their spouses openly. Some think that it is a given in their relationship. But, saying things out loud still makes a big difference. A simple “thank you” or “I love it when you…” can make your spouse very happy.

Another way to step up this strategy is to tell it to a friend and let your partner hear. It will feel so good to hear praises in front of others and know that you mean it.

Encourage Laughter and Adventure

A good sense of humor and a sense of novelty are two elements that will keep your relationship feel like new. Overfamiliarity could make you grow lax in developing your connection.

Sharing happy times and good jokes help to ease heavier concerns that may plague a couple. Enjoying new things together, such as a new place or a new hobby, can help you discover more about your partner. It also serves as a way to bond with them.

Show Physical Affection

Intimacy is not only shown in what couples share in bed. Incorporating physical touch in your daily relationship can help strengthen it. Hugs, a pat on the back, soft massages all communicate the need and desire to connect with your spouse.

Kissing “hello” and “goodbye” is also an effective way to strengthen your relationship. This gesture tells that you long to be with them and think of them when you are apart.

couple walking

Keeping a marriage strong is a collection of intentional and loving habits. It is something that you need to act upon but will enjoy as you see it grow.

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