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Vibrant Hair Color during a Self-isolation Period? It’s Possible!


If you have colored hair, you might be spending more time scrutinizing your hair and roots these days. Due to the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic, your favorite go-to salon is inaccessible as more establishments follow non-essential business closures.

Fortunately, you can still care for your hair and color your roots from the safety of your home. Refrain from rushing into DIY permanent hair jobs. Instead, invest in trusted hair products like Davines Alchemic and consider the following suggestions:

Try to Wait It Out

Waiting for salon operations to resume is the best course of action for two reasons.

First, DIY jobs are risky. On social media, you see plenty of people color their hair on their own, which might encourage you to do the same. However, full-color changes are risky since you might apply the coloring product unevenly on your hair.

Second, this self-isolation period gives your hair more time to rest. Since you’re not going out much, it’s best to give your hair (and your body!) a nice break from the routine of makeup and hair appointments.

Upgrade Your Current Hair Care Routine to Prolong the Color

Is your hair not as vibrant as usual? Upgrade your hair care to stretch out your color.

Add products designed to add shine and luster to your routine. Look for shampoos and conditioners that help maintain the vibrancy of your locks. Some products encapsulate copper minerals — aka the culprits behind color degradation — in your tap water. Other products contain plenty of vitamins and antioxidants that manage your hair’s health, as well as control oxidation, to keep your color intact.

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Lessen Your Use of Shampoo

Stay-at-home measures also mean you’re doing less, giving you a license to reduce your shampoo use. Frequent shampooing strips your hair from its natural oils, as well as its color. Use this time to spread out your shampoo days to every other day or a few times a week to prevent the color from fading.

Apart from washing less, make sure that your chosen shampoo isn’t working against your color. Use a product that cleanses excess build-up and has hydrating ingredients that protect your hair color from fading.

Integrate Hair Masks into Your Routine

Consider color-depositing masks. These pigmented masks rejuvenate dulling highlights and refresh your color. Also, when you wash masks out, they leave your hair in good shape.

Choose Temporary Box Hair Dyes

If you are itching to color your hair, choose temporary box dyes. Look for temporary root coverage products in your local personal care store. Temporary root touch-ups easily wash out, which means you need not regret in case you make a mistake.

When applying a root touch-up, use a wide-tooth comb to quickly feather and soften out the color. Refrain from combing it down into your hair’s mid-shaft. Do enough so that it softens the line a bit.

If you are unsure which products to use to manage or color your hair, reach out to your colorist. A quick online consultation can help you determine the best products so that you don’t have to regret your hair choices while you’re at home.

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