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How Chefs Can Grow Their Career during the Pandemic


The pandemic is hard for everyone, but it’s especially more difficult for individual businesses. One of these is restaurants. 

As more people prefer to hunker down, food shops have to reduce labor, curb expenses, or pivot to survive. These are on top of limiting their number of customers to practice social distancing. 

Many chefs these days might work at shorter hours or, worse, be out of their jobs. How can they sustain themselves and even grow their careers amid this pandemic? 

They can explore the following ideas:

1. Learn How to Cook Healthy Food

As science scampers to find the right cure and treatment, experts also suggest doing the basics to help strengthen the body’s immune system. These include eating more fruits and veggies. 

For chefs, now is an excellent time to enroll in a natural chef course, which teaches in-depth nutrition and methods of cooking healthy food. At the end of the program, one will learn how to create plant-based meals. Their knowledge can then jump-start fresh business ideas, some of which this list covers.

2. Start a Private Cooking Course 

More people are unleashing their Masterchef skills in the kitchen, but a lot of them will need an expert guide. Legit chefs can be their subject-matter specialists. 

They can offer private cooking courses, where attendees can access an exclusive link. This link can point toward a pre-recorded video or a live session. It’s like bringing a culinary school to everyone’s PCs or mobile devices. 

Chefs can create different payment plans, from monthly to annually. They also host pocket events for VIP clients. 

3. Hold a Virtual Demo

making a bread

For chefs who are teachers by heart but don’t have the time for a private cooking course can offer virtual demonstrations instead. This business idea gives them more time freedom since they need not create loads of materials for the attendees. 

Chefs can also use these virtual demos to determine whether they have a market for a comprehensive cooking course should they want to do it. 

4. Sell Meal Plan Subscriptions 

Chefs will always miss the kitchen and cooking for many people, so here’s a good trade-off: sell meals. Better yet, offer subscription plans. 

They can explore different subscription options. For example, they offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals. They also cook meals according to specific calories. 

Chefs can market meal plans good for two weeks. This way, they can buy their ingredients by bulk and spend less on their food purchase. 

5. Be a Private Chef

Despite the easing of restrictions, many people in the UK still prefer to eat their meals at home. That doesn’t mean they don’t miss feasting on scrumptious ones. 

What chefs can do is to bring the restaurant to them by becoming a private chef. Customers hire them for a specific period, such as once a week or the entire month. Chefs can also provide special-events or themed services, such as this Titanic dinner spread, in the comforts of their home. 

This pandemic can shutter doors, but it can also open new ones. Hopefully, these ideas will offer chefs other opportunities to earn money until the economy returns to normal. 

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