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How the Arts Keep You Sane During the Pandemic


When times are down and troubled, people turn to the arts to give them a sense of solace or even a sense of comfort when they have not found any. The events of the COVID-19 pandemic have left a significant impact on the arts. For one thing, Broadway is canceled indefinitely. Museums, art galleries, and movie theaters are closed. These are dark and uncertain times for those who belong to the industry. Yet, people need the arts now more than ever.

People have always looked to the arts because they gave them a sense of meaning. Medium says that we all appreciate art in one form or another, whether in music, prose, or even fashion. Art shapes the very way you see the world and helps you emotionally, financially, psychologically, and might even shape your personality.

These are uncertain times that we are living in right now. For many people, these changes have been challenging and devastating. With lockdowns, job losses, economic crisis, and death tolls looming over us, it is hard to keep your head above water and see the so-called ‘silver lining.’ Here are some reasons why art has become even more necessary during the pandemic:

1. The Arts Matter, Because It Allows You to Tell Your Story

In an article by National Endowment for the Arts, when you are creating art, you are telling your story to the world. In times such as these, people need to share their stories with the world more than ever. When we hear other people’s stories, it is our way of connecting with them. Why we find solace in hearing their stories is because, with art, there is no such thing as “the great divide.” This is why you can get emotional when you see your favorite musical on Broadway or see a beautiful painting. You read someone’s stories on a different sort of medium.

2. The Arts Make Your Soul Come Alive

Legendary Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky considers art, in all its forms, to be a sort of spiritual anchor. He emphasized that art had a spiritual essence and that it was the responsibility of the artist to let it come forth. When you pick up that paintbrush and paint something, your soul comes alive, and you are sharing it with the world. When you dance your heart out during those dance classes, it is like you are dancing to your own symphony. There is nothing quite as beautiful as doing something that sets your soul on fire.

man dancing with his daughter

3. The Arts Awaken Curiosity

Susan Cook, Director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Mead Witter School of Music, said that engaging with the arts, such as making music or listening to music, awakens our curiosity. You might not be aware of it, but curiosity can be a good thing. For one, curiosity helps us to survive, an article with Greater Good Magazine says. It keeps us vigilant and gives us this need to seek and gain knowledge about our ever-changing environment.

4. The Arts Provide Solace

Cook also said that the arts provide you with solace, which is essential for turbulent times like these. The pandemic has become somewhat of a roller coaster ride of emotions and events for most people. Sometimes all you need to find escape during these times is to find a place of solace and peace. Take time for yourself, listen to music, watch your favorite musical, or play your piano to your heart’s content. When you find solace within yourself, you may find the peace that you need.

5. The Arts Help Us See the Beauty in the World

Nowadays, it has become even more challenging to find the proverbial silver lining in all this. Art reminds us of our humanity, and despite the difficulties and challenges that life brings, there is always something beautiful in it. You will see it when finding the beauty in the painting, the melody in the song, and the rhythm in the dance. Finding beauty amidst the hard times is necessary, especially in these times of struggle.

The arts are always an essential part of everyone’s life. Whether you are an artist or someone who appreciates the arts, it is always easy to see the importance of art to the world and everyone in it. Difficult times never last, but things of beauty last forever. This is the beauty in art because when everything in this world dies, the legacy of art will always remain. Despite the divides that the world brings, we are all united by art.

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